Yuneec Enhances the H520 Drone with Pix4Dcapture

yuneec h520 pix4dcapture

Pix4Dcapture App now available on Yuneec H520 ST16S Ground Station

This month, Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec announced their H520 platform has been given a commercial boost by Pix4Dcapture integration with the ST16S ground station controller (with the E90 camera). Pix4Dcapture is a free mission planning app that enables the Pilot in Command (PiC) to create flight plans with set mapping parameters to capture aerial image data. These images can then be analysed from georeferenced 3D maps and 4D models. The mobile app will feature on all new H520 ST16S ground stations and current owners can gain access via a simple software update.

If you haven’t already heard of Pix4D, they are a market-leading software company providing imagery processing to many industrial applications, from construction and agriculture through to the emergency services. Headquartered in Lausanne Switzerland, Pix4D continually develops advanced photogrammetry techniques from its extensive development roadmap, with their Pix4Dcapture app now giving consumer drones professional mapping capabilities.

“Pix4D is a leader in UAV mapping software. Pix4Dcapture seamlessly integrates into the H520 platform and will provide our pilots with a dependable solution,” explains Frank DeMartin, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Yuneec Americas. “Pilots in verticals such as law enforcement, inspection and construction will appreciate the ability to customize flight plans and parameters, view maps in multiple orientations and complete different missions for various use cases.”

Until now Pix4Dcapture only supported DJI and Parrot drones, with this new integration finally giving Yuneec a seat at the Pix4D table. As Lorenzo Martelletti, Sales and Marketing Director of Pix4D explains, “We are glad to support Yuneec’s H520 in Pix4Dcapture, the most versatile data capture application in the drone industry.”

Pix4Dcapture Key Features

1. Select a Mission

Pix4Dcapture on ST16S is equipped with 3 different mission types; Grid, Double Grid and Polygon.

2. Adjust the Flight Plan & Parameters

You can easily define the flight plan and customise mapping parameters using Image Overlap, Camera Angle or Flight Altitude.

3. Start & Fly

Pix4Dcapture offers two in-flight views. Map View, which provides live telemetry including flight altitude and speed and Camera View, which provides the live feed from the camera.

4. Check the Results

View images directly on the Pix4D app whilst onsite to avoid re-mapping your mission.

Learn More About Yuneec H520

The Yuneec H520 is an industrial platform with all the characteristics needed for demanding technical operations within the commercial sectors. While the platform is also used by hobbyists around the world, its real creation was for law enforcement, fire & rescue and the construction world alike.

With the capability of mounting the CGO-ET Thermal Camera in addition to the E90 & E50 Cameras, it’s can also deliver high-end thermography.

If you’re looking to enhance your career or business with aerial surveying, now’s the time.

Here at Uplift Drone Training, we teach you the skills and knowledge to master the basics of Pix4Dmapper. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book your UDT Pix4D Mapping course today!


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