Why are Online Drone Courses so popular?

Why are Online Drone Courses so popular?

More recently, online drone courses have become the preferred training method for individuals and businesses looking to become certified drone pilots. But why is this?

With the drone industry having boomed in the past few years, we’ve seen more and more people training for their CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). However, with classroom-based drone courses traditionally requiring anywhere between 2 and 5 days out of the office, they are becoming less appealing to prospective students. It’s 2019 and people are busier than ever juggling work, family and friends, and so to commit this much time out of an already busy schedule is often asking too much.

But then came along online drone courses, with Uplift’s Online PfCO eLearning course providing the ultimate flexibility for students to work at their own pace in their own time. Be it from the comfort of their own home on weekends or evenings, or during office hours as part of their professional development, online courses are now the first choice for many PfCO students.

Not only can you save time (and holiday days) but the course price is often significantly lower than attending an in-person course – plus you end up saving even more by cutting out those additional costs incurred by travel, accommodation and printed learning materials. All that’s required is a PC, laptop or tablet with an internet connection and you can access your course(s) 24/7 to continue where you left off.

If your NQE drone training provider has an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) like Uplift Drones, as opposed to just filmed classroom lessons, then you will also benefit from interactive content that often includes explanatory animations, quizzes, tasks and activities that will test your knowledge along the way and help you to fully understand and, therefore, retain the information long-term. So that when you come to take your theory test and write your operations manual, the knowledge is fresh in your mind. And if some time has passed, simply log in to access all the information you need to get up to speed.

Infographic showing the benefits of online drone courses

The Permission for Commercial Operations is just the start; not only can you complete the fundamental, CAA-approved PfCO course to become a qualified commercial drone pilot online, but you can also complete refresher courses and even drone surveying courses like DroneMAP, designed for commercial drone pilots and those interested in surveying, who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of drone surveying, aerial mapping and digital photogrammetry.

A certificated eLearning solution, DroneMAP is the UK’s first and only online drone mapping course created by an NQE drone training provider. From digital photogrammetry to aerial data capture, processing, extraction and accuracy, the DroneMAP eCourse helps students confidently plan and perform efficient drone surveys with comprehensive written information, interactive content and practical demonstrations.

With the choice to undertake commercial drone training through accessible and cost-effective online courses designed by leading NQEs like Uplift Drones, it’s no surprise this is becoming the go-to training solution for individuals and businesses alike. And this is just the start; we predict the drone industry will look to digital learning solutions for the next generation of commercial drone training – watch this space.

If online drone training is something you are interested in, now or in the future, give our training team a call on 0330 111 8800 today or view our best-selling online courses below:

Infographic about the Online PfCO drone course

Infographic about the DroneMAP online drone course

Infographic about the Online PfCO and DroneMAP online drone courses

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