Uplift Drones Announce New Business Leasing Partnership for Corporate Drone Financing

with Bluestar Leasing

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Uplift Drones Announce New Business Leasing Partnership for Corporate Drone Financing

Uplift Drones are proud to announce our brand-new business leasing service – in association with Bluestar Leasing.

One of the biggest misconceptions about leasing is that it is only offered to businesses that can afford to pay outright, but that is simply just not the case.

Leasing with Bluestar is a recognised business finance product used by a whole host of UK companies and offers an alternate payment option to simply paying for your drone equipment outright.

With our new drone financing option, your business can pay for UAV equipment in scheduled, regular payments as opposed to paying a large sum straight away.

With the uncertainty surrounding the world’s economic climate at the moment, leasing could be the best option for your business to continue to expand and preserve your working capital simultaneously.

But what exactly does our new business leasing option entail? Well, here’s how it works:

Apply Online

With our user-friendly finance calculator, you will be able to view a range of finance options for our drone equipment at your leisure, as well as accessing PDF factsheets. Plus, you can even progress an existing enquiry online.

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Simple online application process.

Multiple Advantages

Leasing has a wide range of different advantages for your business, the main one being that a finance option means you don’t have to pay the full cost of the drone equipment up front. Here are just some of the other main advantages:

Higher Standard of Equipment Now Becomes Available

We know that sometimes when buying the best kit on the market, and a fair amount of it at that, to buy it all at once can stretch the budget – but that’s exactly where leasing can be beneficial to your business.

Essentially, you get more for your money and products which once seemed out of your price range now become readily available.

By choosing to lease, you can pay for a higher standard of equipment – once perhaps deemed over-budget – over a period of time instead of paying for everything upfront.

drone financing

Bring your work to life with the highest-quality UAV equipment.

Tax Efficiency

Another key advantage of leasing with uplift is that the costs are 100 per cent tax allowable.

This means that the total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period; which in turn allows you to deduct your payments as a trading expense.

Spread the Costs and Focus on Future Budgets

While leasing with Uplift Drones you will have the option to spread the costs of your equipment over a longer period, to help you match the payments to your businesses income.

By knowing exactly what you are paying over a fixed period of time allows you to budget for future investments.

Superior Product Knowledge

When choosing leasing services with Uplift you not only get the choice of brand new, market-leading equipment, but you also get industry-leading knowledge.

Our highly trained team of experts are always available to deal with any queries you may have about the equipment or just simply to provide more information.

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From inspection, to mapping and surveying, our experts will help you get the best out of your equipment.


Finally, as the drone industry continues to change almost daily, new aircraft, software and technologies are frequently being brought out. Drone financing options allow your business to stay at the forefront of this technological evolution.

If you feel like you need to upgrade or replace your equipment, for a small adjustment to your regular payment, you can do just that instead of investing a lump sum upfront.

IMAGE CREDITS: Bluestar Leasing, DJI

Want to know more?

Visit our information page or contact us today on 0330 111 8800 to learn how business leasing can take your aerial operations to next level.

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