4.5 – Dealing with an emergency

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Dealing with an emergency

In an emergency situation you don’t want to be thinking “what shall I do”?

To avoid this, pre-planned emergency procedures are developed it is useful to memorise them.   So that when time is critical you have a course of well thought out actions.

What follows are the UDT generic EMERGENCY checklists for two common issues; you can use these to develop your own procedures that are specific to your drone. Try printing them out and making a an easy to reference card to help you learn them.

NOTE This is not aircraft type specific, they are generic – modify if needed to your drone / aircraft.

The first emergency procedure we will look at is called “Airspace incursion” this is a position we never want to be in as it means another aircraft has come into our flying area and there is a risk of our drone hitting the aircraft.  This should not happen if we have planned our flight properly using the methods mentioned in this course,  However sometimes , a manned aircraft may be in the wrong place or there may have been no way of knowing the aircraft was going to be there  – for example a helicopter or other aircraft does an emergency landing,  Memorising the procedure below will help us to handle the situation appropriately and safely.

The second emergency procedure w will look at is “SUA fly away” this means our aircraft has had a malfunction and is heading away from us , we want to try an regain control as quickly as possible , otherwise there is a risk the aircraft could land in an unsafe location.

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