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DJI Inspire 2

What is the Inspire 2’s maximum flight speed?
Max Ascent Speed 6m/s (Sport Mode);
Max Descent Speed: Vertical, 13.1 ft/s (4 m/s); Tilt, 13.1-29.5 ft/s (4-9 m/s)
Default tilt is 13.1 ft/s (4 m/s), can be set in-app.
Max Speed 26m/s, 58 mph (94 kph, flight forward in S-mode).
What is the Inspire 2’s maximum flight time?
Up to 25 minutes with Zenmuse X5S.
Up to 27 minutes with Zenmuse X4S.
What cameras and gimbals is the Inspire 2 compatible with?
The Inspire 2 currently supports the Zenmuse X4S, Zenmuse X5S and Zenmuse X7.
Does the Inspire 2 come with camera and gimbal included?
No. Please purchase your gimbal and camera separately.
Alternatively, you can purchase the Inspire 2 Professional Bundle, Premium Bundle or Cinema Premium Bundle.
Does the Inspire 2 have an Obstacle Avoidance system?
Yes. Its Forward Vision System is capable of detecting obstacles up to 30 metres ahead, while the upward facing infrared sensors can sense obstacles within a 5 metre range.
Does the Inspire 2 support Master and Slave remote controllers?
Yes. The maximum effective distance between the Master and Slave controllers is 100 meters, and both controllers will receive the same HD live view.
Does the Inspire 2 come with a Micro SD card?
Yes. Included in the box is a 16GB Micro SD card. It supports SD cards up to 128GB.
Which Micro SD cards are supported?
Currently supported Micro SD cards are:
Sandisk Extreme 32GB UHS-3 V30 MicroSDHC;
Sandisk Extreme 64GB UHS-3 V30 MicroSDXC;
Panasonic 32GB UHS-3 MicroSDHC;
Panasonic 64GB UHS-3 MicroSDXC;
Samsung PRO 32GB UHS-1 MicroSDHC;
Samsung PRO 64GB UHS-3 MicroSDXC;
Samsung PRO 128GB UHS-3 MicroSDXC;
*It’s not recommend to use the Patriot EPPRO 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-3.
What type of motors and propellers does the Inspire 2 use?
The Inspire 2 has 3512 motors and 1550T propellers.
Has the Inspire 2’s propulsion system been improved over the Inspire 1?
Yes. The Inspire 2 uses 3512 motors and 1550T propellers. The max thrust for each rotor reaches up to 2kg.
What’s the highlight features of the Inspire 2’s remote controller and video transmission system?
The new dual-band Lightbridge HD video transmission system has a maximum transmission distance of 7 km*.
The video feed from the FPV camera and main camera (1080p or 720p) can be viewed simultaneously through the Picture in View feature. The dual-band system consists of 2.4GHz ISM and 5.8GHz ISM**, giving the Inspire 2 stronger resistance against interference.
*Unobscured, free of interference, FCC compliant.
**In accordance with local law and regulations, 5.8GHz is not available in some countries.
How long does it take to charge a remote controller? How long does it last on a full charge?
The remote controller is equipped with a 6,000mAh LiPo 2S battery. Fully charging the Inspire 2 remote controller takes approximately 3 hours.
It can be used for approximately 4 hours after being fully charged.
What is the largest tablet that will fit in the remote controller’s mobile device mount?
The mount can support an iPad Air or other similar-sized tablet. Tablets should be no more than 170mm tall.
What kind of working mode does the remote controller support?
Open the DJI GO 4 app, click the remote controller icon and enter to Settings.
You can choose MODE1, MODE2, MODE3, Custom and more under Stick Mode.
Does the Inspire 2 remote controller come with a monitor?
No. The remote controller has a mobile device holder for smartphones and tablets. You can also buy the DJI CrystalSky monitor.
What is the maximum control distance between Master remote controller and Slave remote controller?
The Master and Slave remote controllers can maintain a connection at distances up to 100 meters.
How long does it take fully charge the batteries? Do I get a standard Battery Charger together with the aircraft?
You will get a 180W Battery Charger and a Battery Charging Hub in the box with your Inspire 2.
When connecting the standard Battery Charger to the Battery Charging Hub, it takes about 90 minutes to charge 2 batteries and 180 minutes to charge 4 batteries.
Can I use batteries with different charge levels?
The Inspire 2 can take off if the power discrepancy of the two batteries is within 13%. If it is unable to take off, the DJI GO 4 app will inform you that “the power discrepancy in the two batteries is too large”.
What will happen if an error occurs in one battery?
The Inspire 2 continuously checks battery status and will notify you through the DJI GO 4 app if a battery malfunctions.
In this case, please land the aircraft immediately.
Why do I need to pair the two batteries?
By charging and discharging a pair of batteries together you will maximise flight time and battery life.
How can I pair up two batteries?
Please match batteries on the battery interface of DJI GO 4 app.
How do I know that the batteries are correctly mounted?
You will hear the Exit button click to confirm successful mounting of each battery.
Other signs is that the button will have less give when you tap it, and that the batteries will not detach when pulled.
The DJI GO 4 app also will not inform you of errors and show a full status for each battery when properly mounted.
What should I do with the batteries if I am not going to use them for a long time? What’s the maximum duration that I can store them?
It is recommended that you keep the Intelligent Flight Batteries charged to 50% when storing them.
If storing for a long period of time, we also recommend that you fully discharge them every 3 months.
Can I use Adobe CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes after purchasing the Zenmuse X5S?
No, you will need to purchase a DJI License Key to enable these formats.
Is the pitch of the FPV camera controllable?
Yes. Press and hold the C2 button, and at the same time use the left dial to control the pitch. The roll axis is not controllable.
Is a SSD (Solid State Drive) included in the box with the Inspire 2?
No. You need to purchase the DJI CINESSD and DJI CINESSD Station card reader separately, available in 120GB , 240GB and 480GB.
Does Inspire 2 have any redundant components?
Yes. Many key parts of the Inspire 2 are designed with redundancy, including IMU sensors and barometers.
The Inspire 2 flight controller monitors and analyses the redundancy data in real time, to ensure that flight data is correct.
Does the Inspire 2 have the Return to Home (RTH) function?
Yes. During RTH, the Inspire 2 is able to collect information about the environment and automatically plan the best path back home.
Being able to detect obstacles 200m away, it also restores communication faster with the remote controller during RTH after losing signal, so as to make RTH safe and successful.
What is the minimum altitude required for initiating ActiveTrack?
To use ActiveTrack, you should keep your Inspire 2 at least 2m above the ground and set the aircraft to P-Mode.
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