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CAA publish 7th Edition of CAP 722 for UAS Operations

The CAA has published the Seventh Edition of CAP 722, which is now split into three parts with the appendices covered in separate documents CAP 722A and CAP 722B. The CAP 722 July 2019 amendment updates references and text in accordance with ANO 2016 and its subsequent amendments, changes to European regulations brought about by …

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How much does a Drone License cost?

How much does a Drone License cost? Updated 13 August 2019 So, you’re looking to get your “drone licence” or, to use the correct and official term, Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The first question you might find yourself asking is ‘what actually is a PfCO and how …

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The Challenges for UK Drone Operators and NQEs with the Implementation of EASA Regulations

The Challenges for UK Drone Operators and NQEs with the Implementation of EASA Regulations Background On the 28th of June the European Council adopted new aviation safety rules – The “basic regulation” as it is known will bring all UAS under 150kg under the EASA regulations, rather than member states or National Aviation Authorities. The …

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Emergency Procedures for Commercial Drone Pilots

What Would You Do in an Emergency? The drone industry has a strong safety-first culture that plays a vital role in keeping aircraft and equipment, pilots and uninvolved people & property free from harm, whilst improving levels of safety across the industry. Having pre-planned emergency procedures is mandatory for all commercial pilots and is self-documented …

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Preparing For Your CAA PfCO Drone Flight Test

So, you’ve attended the Uplift Drones Ground School (Fast Track & Advanced PfCO) or completed your eLearning Modules (Online PfCO), then passed your Theory Test with flying colours. Next up is your practical Drone Flight Test. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about booking, preparing for and taking your CAA PfCO …

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