Scottish Climber Rescued Thanks to the Help of DJI Mavic Drone in Himalayas

dji mavic drone

Scottish Climber Rescued Thanks to the Help of DJI Mavic Drone in Himalayas

A Scottish climber that spent 36 hours alone near a Himalayan mountain’s summit has been rescued thanks to the help of a DJI Mavic drone.

63-year-old Rick Allen had been feared dead after falling from an ice cliff when returning from a solo climb to the (26,401ft) summit of the Himalayas’ Broad Peak.

But after spending an estimated day-and-a-half alone close to the summit of the mountain, he was rescued thanks to the help of a drone.

Allen told the Evening Express: “I was climbing down and I just dropped. Either I broke through a snow bridge or something happened that I hadn’t picked up and I fell. I had no idea how far.

“I must have passed out on impact as I had no memory of landing at all.

“I realised I hadn’t broken anything and then eventually after an indeterminate amount of time I came round and I was a bit worried.”

After he regained consciousness following the fall, the experienced climber was forced to eat snow in a bid to stay alive in plummeting temperatures of around -15C.

He began making his way back up the mountain – in an attempt to retrieve his belongings – when he noticed a drone appear over his right shoulder, which was flown by Polish climber Bartek Bargie.

Allen continued: “They’d heard I’d gone missing and launched the drone and it came up and found me. They knew I was alive.

“I continued to climb upwards and the drone appeared again so I felt very encouraged.

“I rounded this shoulder and got a first view of camp three, which was my goal.

“I could see guys coming up towards me and they started shouting my name.

“They made their way towards me and we got back to camp three. It was a moment of great relief.”

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dji mavic drone

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