DJI Ronin-S: How to Master the Basic Operations

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to master the basic operations for the Ronin-S.

Before you start, you’ll need to ensure the following:

  • You assemble and balance the stabiliser. You can find our tutorial on how to balance the Ronin-S here.

Powering on

Press the grip power button once to turn on the grip.

ronin-s operations 1

Press and hold the gimbal power button for several seconds, when you hear a beep, the Ronin-S is powered on.

ronin-s operations 2

Basic Operation

Press and hold the trigger. When the Profile LED indicator blinks green, it means that the camera’s orientation is locked.

ronin-s operations 3

Press the Trigger twice to re-centre the gimbal.

ronin-s operations 4

Press the Trigger three time to quickly turn the gimbal 180 degrees so that the camera faces you.

ronin-s operations 5

Joystick Calibration

Press the Trigger four times and hold to begin Joystick Calibration.

ronin-s operations 6

Push and pull the joystick several times as far as it will go in all directions.

ronin-s operations 7

Then, Press the Trigger four times and hold again to complete calibration.

ronin-s operations 8

Auto Tune

Press and hold the M button and Trigger simultaneously to begin Auto Tune.

ronin-s operations 9

Switching User Profiles

Press the M button once to switch between the three user profiles.

ronin-s operations 10

Entering Sport Mode

Press and hold the M button to enter Sport Mode and the Profile LED Indicator will turn solid yellow.

ronin-s operations 11

Sport Mode allows you to capture fast-moving scenes.

ronin-s operations 12

Controlling Axis’

Push the joystick left or right to control the movement of the pan axis and push the joystick up or down to control the movement of the tilt axis.

ronin-s operations 13

Underslung Mode

To quickly enter the Underslung Mode, press and hold the Trigger and turn the Ronin-S upside down.

ronin-s operations 14

Alternatively, you can double press the gimbal power button to pause the motors.

ronin-s operations 15

Turn the gimbal upside down, rotate the roll axis make the camera face forward and press the power button twice again to un-pause it.

ronin-s operations 16

Roll 360

Thanks to the unlimited movement of the pan axis, the Ronin-S is capable of performing continuous 360-degree rotation.

ronin-s operations 17

Launch the Ronin app and go to Configuration.

ronin-s operations 18

Then Control Settings.

ronin-s operations 19

Then press Channels

ronin-s operations 20

After this, re-map Channel 3 (CH3) to the Roll Axis and set the CH1 and CH2 to N/A.

ronin-s operations 21

Then press and hold the Trigger, hold the Ronin-S horizontally to enter Flashlight mode.

ronin-s operations 22

Double press he Trigger to re-centre the gimbal, then push the joystick left or right to get the gimbal rolling continuously.

ronin-s operations 23

Now you know the Basic Operations of the Ronin-S is and you’re ready to go and capture some fantastic shots. Happy shooting!

We hope this tutorial has been helpful; for more DJI Ronin-S tutorials please visit our Technical Support Hub.

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