How Professional Drone Training Courses Could Land You a Job

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How Professional Drone Training Courses Could Land You a Job

Drone training courses aren’t just fun; they also come loaded with serious and far-reaching benefits. Discover how learning with Uplift Drone Training could lead to better career prospects.

Unemployment in the UK is low. Comparative to countries like France and Spain, where unemployment is at 10% and 18% respectively, Brits are enjoying a much healthier rate of just 5%.

Still, 5% is millions out of work, many of whom will be eager to find a source of income.

But it isn’t just the unemployed looking for work. Britain is a nation of job fidgeters, with the average person going through up to 15 job changes throughout their working lives. We love to move around and try new things, expand our skill base and explore what is available.

For those seeking work, no matter what the circumstances, there is a new opportunity emerging. An industry in its fledgeling years, but one that promises to bring new career opportunities and chances for work: drone piloting.

Undertaking drone training courses could be your step towards a new, brighter future. But how and why?

New Career Paths

Drone technology is relatively new. What started as a bit of gimmicky gadget soon turned out to have widespread uses across a number of industries.

As a result, drones are slowly being incorporated into countless areas of British business.

From warehousing to construction, agriculture to real estate and photography to security, almost all areas of business are seeing some demand for drone tech. The result is these industries are now looking for people who can operate a drone, currently a rare skill — Only 2500 drone operating businesses exist across all of Europe, compare that to another industry, such as accounting which has around 7000 operating in the UK alone, and you get a sense of how few and far between this people are.

Drone training courses allow you to get involved in these industries, expanding your horizons and finding jobs in areas you may never have even considered yourself an asset before.

For example, somebody who has worked as a sale rep may never have considered moving into the security industry, but drone qualifications can take you there, such is the versatility of drone technology and the demand for pilots across the job market.

Emerging Markets With High Demand

Many unemployed people struggle to find work, not because they don’t have valuable skills, but because the competition between them and others with similar skills is so fierce. This competition also limits job mobility for those already in employment.

Most people have a valuable contribution to make. The problem is: if most people do, then standing out is hard. Therefore, if the demand just isn’t there, getting the work you want can seem impossible.

Things are different in the drone industry.

Currently, the global drone market is worth around $2 billion. In 2020, it is predicted to explode by 6000%, to $127 billion.

What does that mean for jobs in the drone industry? It means that demand is about to go through the roof. With businesses looking to maintain their competitive edge through the integration of drone technology, those with the skills to pilot drones will be in high demand.

Now, the tables are turned. Instead of thousands of people vying for a handful of jobs, thousands of business are vying for a handful of qualified drone pilots.

By learning how to fly one of these machines on one of our drone training courses, you can get ahead of the competition and be sure you are ready for the market boom which is expected to hit over the coming years.

Even right now, demand for drone pilots is high.

Drone Training Courses Aren’t an Optional Extra

So, we know what you are thinking.

Why not save some money, by a cheap drone and learn how to fly it at home? Then you can market yourself as a drone pilot and bish-bash-bosh, you’ve got yourself a lucrative job.

Well, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

Drones are technically unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their operation within a commercial environment comes with a myriad of regulations and restrictive laws. To be able to work with drones, you must have CAA permission for commercial operations, which displays your ability to do so safely and demonstrate your understanding of what is acceptable under British law.

Therefore, if you want to have a career in drone operation, you must undertake an official drone training course that provides you with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualifications you need.

Ready to get certified with the Civil Aviation Authority and become a professional drone pilot? Get in touch with us today and book your drone training course with Uplift Drone Training!


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