GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone

The World's First Five Thruster Minisize Underwater Drone

GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone

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Discover and capture what lies beneath with the Gladius Mini underwater drone, equipped with an Ultra-HD camera that delivers 12-mega photos and 4K videos.


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Discover and capture what lies beneath with the Gladius Mini underwater drone, equipped with an Ultra-HD camera that delivers 12-mega photos and 4K videos.

Depth-lock, adjustable tilt-lock, and game-like controller allow stable underwater shooting from the best angle at any depts and currents. Unique five thruster design allows responsive and accurate navigation in all directions. 3 of 5 thrusters keep stability, while others provide power.

The weight of Gladius Mini is less than 5.5lbs. The size is 8.9inch*15 inch, which is similar to 15’’ Macbook Pro so it’s easily portable.

Share the underwater moments to online live stream platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. Gladius Mini is also integrated with VR equipment which aboard the drone can feed you to access the real-time streaming 3D video from underwater world.

Key Features

  • One Touch Depth-Lock Mode
  • ±45°Adjustable Tilt-Lock Mode
  • Dive To 330ft/100m
  • Max Speed of 4.0 knots (2m/s)
  • 4K UHD Camera
  • One Touch Share On Social
  • Live Stream
  • 2hr Battery Life
  • Portable Backpack


  • Recreational Diving and Snorkelling
  • Safety Inspection
  • Hull/Dock Inspection
  • Aquaculture

In the Box

Gladius Mini x 1
Base Station x 1
Remote Controller x 1
Winder & 50m/100m Tether x 1
Charger x 1
Buoyancy Weight Module (Saltwater/Freshwater) x 2


GLADIUS MINI is the latest product of Gladius series, which is bringing brand-new experience for the customer.

What is the maximum range of GLADIUS MINI?
Maximum depth: 100m Maximum speed: 2m/s

How long does it take to charge the drone battery, and how long does a full charge last for?
GLADIUS MINI is equipped with 3A charger. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the drone battery. This full charge will last for about 2 hour.

How do I know when the GLADIUS MINI is running out of power?
The controller of GlADIUS MINI is equipped with Battery Power Indicator, which will be a light Red signal and giving a 25% battery warning the entire time.

Is there a warranty with GLADIUS MINI?
Chasing Innovation provides one-year warranty.

Does the drone automatically stabilise at the desired depth?
The 5-thrusters design and various modes offer rather depth control to keep the drone more or less at the desire depth while the 5-thrusters designs offers a stabilization feature.

Do the thrusters work independently such that I can pitch the nose of the drone up and down?
The thrusters work independently, and you can pitch the nose of the drone up and down. Gladius MINI support maximum 45-degree pitch angle shooting.

Does the Wi-FI Controller float underwater?
The WI-FI controller doesn’t have waterproof rating, so it can’t be float underwater.

Does the lens have a protection collar to prevent scratching if you bump coral or a prop?
The lens has a certain strength; however, we suggest customers to avoid collisions.

What’s the record time on the onboard internal storage?
It depends on the capacity of the SD card and the resolution of video.

Is it possible to move GLADIUS MINI sideways at fixed depth and heading?
It supports movement at a fixed depth.

What are the main features?
The size of the mini is 385*226*138mm and the weight is less than 2.5KG. The total weight does not exceed 4KG.

What are the Video&Photo formats for GLADIUS MINI?

How to connect your phone to your drone?
Turn on the switch of repeater, then connect to the ‘Gladius 5G WiFi’ by your phone. The password is 12345678.

Do I have to control GLADIUS MINI by App? Are there requirements for the phone model?
Yes, you have to. iOS and Android are both available.

gladius mini specs gladius mini specs

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