DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Osmo Pocket

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The Ultimate Vlogging Tool

As the smallest 3-axis stabilised handheld camera DJI has ever designed, the compact and intelligent Osmo Pocket turns any moment into a cinematic memory. In just seconds, Osmo Pocket lets you share your life anywhere, anytime. With access to several intelligent functions like ActiveTrack, Motionlapse, and 3×3 Panorama, Osmo Pocket unleashes your creativity with impressive effects that are impossible with smartphones.

Key Features

  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal with 1/2.3″ Sensor
  • Shoots 4K/60fps video at 100 Mbps
  • Captures photos at 12 MP with a pixel size of 1.55 μm
  • 140 minute battery life
  • Universal port and expansive accessories
  • Noiseless cooling system
  • Lightweight & portable

DJI Mimo

DJI Mimo is a comprehensive app that offers intuitive, powerful editing tools for users to enhance their photos and videos. With tools like HD live view during recording, intelligent modes, and a content sharing platform, DJI Mimo is an all-in-one solution that lets you capture, edit, and share the best of your moments, right from your fingertips. *The DJI Mimo App will be available soon.

DJI Academy

For immersive and active learning, DJI Mimo includes DJI Academy, a resource of easy-to-follow tutorial videos and answers to frequently asked questions so that you can become an experienced photographer.

What’s Included?

Osmo Pocket x 1
Cover x 1
Smartphone Adaptor (Lightning) x 1
Smartphone Adaptor (USB-C) x 1
Power Cable x 1
Note: Osmo Pocket does not include any SD cards in the box. Please purchase separately.


Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit
Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel
Osmo Pocket Accessory Mount
Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

Coming Soon…

Waterproof Case
Charging Case
ND Filters
Quick-release Base
3.5mm Adapter
Extension Rod

Technical Support

Browse our product support, tips & tutorials for DJI Osmo Pocket.

Name DJI Osmo Pocket
Dimensions 121.9×36.9×28.6 mm
Weight 116 g
Sensor 1/2.3” CMOS
Effective pixels: 12M
Lens FOV:80° F2.0
Format Equivalent: 26mm
ISO Range Photo:100-3200
Video Resolution 4K Ultra HD: 3840×2160 24/25/30/48/50/60p
FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
Photo Formats JPEG / JPEG+DNG
Video Formats MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
Still Photography Modes Single Shot; Panorama; Timelapse; Motionlapse; Hyperlapse
Electronic Shutter Speed 8s-1/8000s
Max Video Bitrate 100 Mbps
Supported File System FAT32 (≤32 GB) exFAT (≥64 GB)
Max Image Size 4000×3000 pixels
Angular Vibration Range ±0.02°
Controllable Range Pan: -230° to +50° | Tilt: -95° to 50° | Roll: ±45°
Max Controllable Speed 120°/s
Capacity 875 mAh
Voltage 7.7 V
Battery Type LiPo
Energy 6.738 Wh
Operating Temperature 0°-40° C (32°-104° F)
Operating Time 140 mins (When shooting 1080p/30 fps video)
Charging Time 73 mins (When using a 10W charger)


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DJI Osmo Pocket

How do I calibrate the gimbal?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe down on the screen to access Settings, then tap Calibration.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tap Gimbal Auto Calibration.

How do I switch between different gimbal operation modes?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe up on the screen, and you can choose between different gimbal modes, such as Tilt Locked, Follow, and FPV.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the gimbal setting icon on the left side of the screen, and choose between Tilt Locked, Follow, and FPV modes.

How do I adjust gimbal settings?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe up on the screen, then select Fast Follow or Slow Follow.

Via DJI Mimo:
Tap the gimbal setting icon on the left side of the screen, and then select Fast Follow or Slow Follow.

How do I control the rotational direction of the Osmo Pocket?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe down on the screen to enter Settings. Tap “Tilt Control” and then you can control the pitch axis on the home page by scrolling up and down on the right side of the screen.

Via DJI Mimo:
Access Camera View in the app. Use the virtual joystick on the right side of the screen to control the tilt and pan axes.

Via Controller Wheel Accessory:
Use the Controller Wheel to control the tilt and pan axes of Osmo Pocket.

What is the highest video resolution Osmo Pocket supports?
Up to 4K (3840×2160).
What video format does Osmo Pocket support?
Can I check the remaining microSD card storage when shooting with Osmo Pocket?
Yes. When taking photos or videos, you can check the bottom of the screen for available photos or video duration to take. You can also check the remaining storage in Settings.
How do I set the video resolution?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe left on the screen to enter Video setting, then enter Video mode to set the resolution.

Via DJI Mimo:
Connect to DJI Mimo and access Camera View, then set the resolution on the left.

How do I switch between Recenter and Selfie mode?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe up on the screen, then click Recenter or Selfie mode. Alternatively, double-click the power button to Recenter, or triple click to switch to Selfie mode.

Via DJI Mimo:
Connect to DJI Mimo, then click Recenter or Selfie mode.

How do I check photos and videos?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Swipe right on the screen to enter playback, and view the photos and videos.

Via DJI Mimo:
View the photos and videos in Playback.

How do I export photos and videos in the microSD card?
Method 1:
Remove the microSD card and export through a card reader.

Method 2:
Power on Osmo Pocket, and connect it to a computer through a Type-C cable to view and export all photos and videos.

Method 3:
Connect Osmo Pocket to your smartphone, and export the original files by downloading them.

How do I enable ActiveTrack and FaceTrack?
Via Osmo Pocket:
Double-tap the subject to begin ActiveTrack. Enter Selfie mode to enable FaceTrack automatically.

Via DJI Mimo:
Simply drag a frame around the subject to begin ActiveTrack.

What accessories does Osmo Pocket have?
Osmo Pocket offers a wide array of accessories including the Waterproof Case, Controller Wheel, Charging Case, ND Filters Set, Wireless Module, Extension Rod, and more.
For more information and to view the full range of DJI Osmo Pocket Accessories, please visit:
How do I share videos shot on Osmo Pocket?
You can save the videos to your mobile device or directly upload the videos in DJI Mimo and create a video link to share to your social media.
How do I set shutter, ISO and, other parameters manually?
Enter Settings in DJI Mimo and select Pro mode. Then select M mode to set shutter, ISO, and other parameters manually
Can I use my DJI account to log in to DJI Mimo?
You can log in to DJI Mimo directly with your SkyPixel, DJI GO, or other DJI account.
What is the battery life of Osmo Pocket?
It can shoot 1080p 30 fps video continuously for 140 minutes.
How long does it take to fully charge Osmo Pocket?
About 73 minutes.
How do I update the firmware of Osmo Pocket?
Osmo Pocket can automatically complete firmware updates in DJI Mimo.
Can I connect Osmo Pocket to my mobile device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
Yes, but you will need the Wireless Module.
How can I install a tripod or base to Osmo Pocket?
Method 1:
Use the Osmo Pocket Wireless Module as a flat base.

Method 2:
Attach Osmo Pocket to the Extension Rod, which has a 1/4″ tripod mount to which you can attach a third-party tripod or base. Method 3:
Attach Osmo Pocket to the Accessory Mount, which is capable of connecting to a tripod.

Can I use an external microphone for Osmo Pocket?
Yes, you can achieve this with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm Adapter.
What microSD card is recommended for Osmo Pocket?
It’s recommended to use a microSD card with a write speed of over 15MB/s.

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