DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo + Online PfCO

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DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo + Online PfCO

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Give your career a kick-start with our Mavic Air Fly More Combo + Online PfCO Bundle

The Mavic Air is built to go wherever you go, whatever the adventure. DJI have created their most adventurous drone yet, with a 3-Axis Gimbal, Stabilised 4K Camera and a 7-Camera Vision System, the creative possibilities are endless. It can reach speeds of up to 42.5 mph and includes all the Intelligent Features like ActiveTrack, QuickShot, SmartCapture and Flight Autonomy 2.0.

The Mavic Air Fly More Kit includes two Intelligent Flight Batteries, a Battery Charging Hub, a Battery to Power Bank Adaptor, an extra set of Propellers, and a Mavic Air Travel Bag.

This bundle also includes the Online PfCO drone training course, which leads to our recommendation to the national Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for granting the applicant a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Online PfCO

The Uplift Drones Online PfCO e-course has been created by our expert training team of commercial drone operators and manned pilots, to cover the following subjects that meet and exceed the CAA recommended syllabus:

  • Air Law
  • Ground Maps & Air Navigation Charts
  • Airspace Operating Principles
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Knowledge
  • Airmanship & Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Operating Procedures

Plus –

  • Theory Exam Preparation

The e-course material is made of comprehensive written information and packed with interactive content, videos and activities to test your new knowledge along the way. Whether you’re a visual or verbal learner, our online PfCO makes learning easy, quick and enjoyable.

Learn at your own pace, in your own time – without taking any time off work. All you need to do is login and pick up where you left off. With a progress tracker to mark your success and guide you through each module, all in the comfort of your own home or office.

Theory Exam

There are mock exam questions included within the e-course to aid your preparation. The theory exam at the end of the course is undertaken in person at one of our 10 venues across the UK; the exam is 1 hour long consisting of 52 multiple-choice questions.

Practical Flight Test

Your practical flight test can be conducted at a later date, when you feel ready to pass the practical examination with confidence. The cost of your Flight Test is included in this bundle.

You will also receive:

Operations Manual: Template, Guidance and Review
Award of Certification upon passing the course
1 to 1 support from your dedicated Instructor
Lifetime Support from our Industry Experts

DJI Mavic Air

Key Features

  • Stabilised 4K Camera
  • Camera Vision System
  • 12 megapixel stills
  • 100 mbps
  • Full HD @ 120Fps
  • 32 megapixel Spherical Panorama
  • HDR capture mode for shadow & landscape
  • Photo & video stored directly on the drone itself with easy & fast export
  • New ventilation system
  • Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Weighs 41% less than the Mavic Pro


  • Photography
  • Filming

What’s Included?

Aircraft x 1
Remote Controller x 1
Intelligent Flight Battery x 3
Charger x 1
Power Cable x 1
Battery Charging Hub x 1
Battery to Power Bank Adaptor x 1
Propellers (Pair) x 6
Propeller Guards (Set) x 1
RC Cable (Lightning Connector) x 1
RC Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector) x 1
RC Cable (USB Type-C Connector) x 1
Gimbal Protector x 1
Communication Cable (USB 3.0 Type-C) x 1
USB Adapter x 1
RC Cable Slider (Large) x 1
RC Cable Slider (Small) x 2
Carrying Case x 1
Travel Bag x 1
Spare Control Sticks (Pair)* x 1

*Please note this accessory is not covered by the terms of warranty.

Technical Support

Browse our product support, tips & tutorials for DJI Mavic Air.

Weight (Battery & Propellers Included) 430 g
Diagonal Size 213 mm
Video Resolution 4K Ultra HD: 3840×2160 24/25/30p | 2.7K: 2720×1530 24/25/30/48/50/60p | FHD: 1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p | HD: 1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
Control Range 2.5 miles
Max Flight Time 21 mins
Max Rate of Ascent 3 m/s (S - mode[1]) | 2 m/s (P - mode) | 2 m/s (Wi-Fi mode)
Max Rate of Decent 2 m/s (S - mode[1]) | 1.5 m/s (P - mode) | 1 m/s (Wi-Fi mode)
Dimensions (unfolded) 168×184×64 mm (L×W×H)
Dimensions (folded) 168×83×49 mm (L×W×H)
Max Speed 42.5 mph (sport mode)
Obstacle Sensing 3 Directions


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DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo

How many ways are there to fly the Mavic Air and how do I change control methods?
There are three ways to fly the Mavic Air. You can use the dedicated remote controller, your smartphone, or both together. For the other two options, the Mavic Air connects to your smartphone via DJI GO 4.
How do I activate the Mavic Air?
Connect the Mavic Air with your mobile device and follow the instructions in DJI GO 4 to complete activation. For further instruction, please read this tutorial.
Is the Mavic Air waterproof?
What Micro SD cards are recommended to use with the Mavic Air?
SD Card Capacity Class/UHS
16 GB Sandisk Extreme;
Kingston SDHC-I SDCAC/16GB
32 GB Sandisk Extreme V30;
Sandisk Extreme V30 A1;
Sandisk Extreme V30 Pro A1
64 GB Sandisk Extreme V30 A1;
Sandisk Extreme Pro V30 A1
128 GB Sandisk Extreme V30 A1;Sandisk Extreme Plus V30 A1
Can I connect my smartphone to the remote controller using an ordinary USB cable?
Yes. You can use an ordinary USB cable to connect your smartphone to the remote controller via the USB port at the bottom of the controller, but this may result in more discomfort when handling. Different cables come with the aircraft to meet your needs.
Where can I find the Mavic Air’s Wi-Fi name and password?
For safety reasons, every Mavic Air has a unique Wi-Fi name and password. These are listed on the side of the aircraft body, in the battery compartment, and on the carrying case. (For iOS systems, iOS v9.0 or later is required.)
Connect your smartphone to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code with DJI GO 4 app for first-time use. Alternatively, you can manually type in the Wi-Fi name and password.
How can I change the Mavic Air’s Wi-Fi name and password?
First, connect your smartphone to the aircraft via Wi-Fi. Next, enter the DJI GO 4 app and go to Wi-Fi Settings to change the Wi-Fi name and password. You can also change the Wi-Fi name and password with DJI Assistant 2 on a computer.
Should I take the propellers off when transporting the Mavic Air?
Doing so isn’t necessary.
The non-foldable propellers are more streamlined, making the Mavic Air smaller and more portable when folded.
What is the highest level of wind the Mavic Air can resist?
The Mavic Air can withstand wind speeds up to 10 m/s.
What Panorama modes does the Mavic Air support?
The Mavic Air supports the following panorama modes:

Vertical: The camera automatically takes three vertical photos, stitching them into one panorama.

Horizontal: The camera will take nine photos from different angles, stitching them into one panorama.

180°: The Mavic Air automatically rotates its body and gimbal shooting 21 pictures, stitching them together in DJI GO 4 for a breathtaking 180° panorama.

Sphere: The Mavic Air automatically rotates its body and gimbal to shoot 25 photos, stitching them together for an eye-catching spherical panorama.

When flying the Mavic Air close to me in SmartCapture mode, why does the aircraft remain at eye level?
SmartCapture only allows the Mavic Air to fly at eye level when it’s 9.8 feet (3 meters) or less away from you. This is to ensure better flight safety and control precision. You can gesture to fly higher or lower when it’s farther away from you.
Can the Mavic Air Battery Charger be used to charge the aircraft and RC at the same time?
What functions does the power button perform?
The power button powers on and off the battery. To do this, press it once, and then press again, holding it for at least two seconds to power on or off the battery.

The power button also allows you to check the battery level. To do this, press the power button once and observe how many LEDs light up for the power level.

How long does it take to charge a battery fully?
It takes 55 minutes to charge a battery fully when using a standard charger or a Charging Hub.
Can I use other apps while updating DJI GO 4?
No. If you do, the update will fail. You will then need to download the firmware and update again.
Why does DJI GO 4 remind me to reconnect to the Mavic Air’s Wi-Fi right before it restarts to complete the update?
Before the update is complete, the aircraft will need to restart. Once it does, reconnect your mobile device to the Mavic Air’s Wi-Fi. DJI GO 4 is just reminding you that you will need to do this for a successful update.
What should I do if the aircraft and battery firmware versions are inconsistent?
Connect the Mavic Air to DJI GO 4, and the app will inform you of appropriate updates to ensure consistency.
What is the Mavic Air’s video transmission range?

When connected to the remote controller:

FCC: 4000 m, CE: 2000 m, SRRC: 2000 m (unobstructed, free of interference, when FCC compliant).

FCC: 4000 m, CE: 500 m, SRRC: 2500 m (unobstructed, free of interference, when FCC compliant).

When connected to a mobile device:

Max height: 50 m
Max distance: 80 m

Can frequency bands be manually adjusted during video transmission?

DJI GO 4 chooses a frequency band automatically by default, but users can manually select between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies, according to actual needs.

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