DJI Inspire 2 Propeller Guard

DJI Inspire 2 Propeller Guard


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Made of 12K pure carbon fibre mixed with high-strength epoxy resin, these Inspire 2 Propeller Guards are expertly designed to be light weight but rigid at the same time.

They are 50 times stronger and 100 times more rigid than standard engineering plastics, and added to their light weight, makes them exceptionally hard to deform or break.

The Inspire 2 Propeller Guards are small and easy to mount and detach, while also providing an additional layer of flight safety by protecting the propellers from colliding with people and objects.

In the box, you will find two Propeller Guards (CW) and two Propeller Guard (CCW) only compatible with the Inspire 2.

Remember to always fly with caution and mind your surroundings as when flying at particularly high speeds, the Propeller Guards may only have a limited impact on reducing damage from collisions.


Weight (1 pc): 80 g
Radius: 435 mm


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