DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2

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Aircraft General Description

The Inspire 2 is the latest high-performance filming platform from DJI. The aircraft has taken all the sound key fundamentals and filming expertise from the Inspire 1 and made everything better.

The inspire 2 boasts redundancy with duel battery’s giving the Inspire 2 a much longer flight time and speeds, with the aircraft being able to hit speeds of 58mph in just over 6 seconds. The craft also allows you to set its decent rate giving the user a much more customizable system to allow the user to reach new heights with creative flair and control.

Flight Time

Inspire 2 is capable of 28 minutes carrying the DJI x4s camera even in cold temperatures due to the battery self-heating technology.


With a choice of two camera systems the DJI X4S and X5S, the quality is second to none. Now also being able to download the licence key CinemaDNG RAW and Apple Pro Res the pixel quality and dynamic range has been vastly improved and it now unlocks the potential of 5k.

Key features

The system is capable of duel operation, this allows the pilot and camera operator being able to operate separately allowing much more controlled shots and piloting.

The Inspire 2 is fitted with infrared sensors mounted on the top of the aircraft to prevent the craft hitting obstacles above. Also, the Inspire 2 has obstacle avoidance sensors mounted on the front of the aircraft with a First-Person View camera allowing the pilot to have a direct forward-facing sight to aid in flight safety and pilot control.

The aircraft is also fitted with spotlight pro allowing the aircrafts camera to be locked on to a subject moving or stationary allowing smooth camera control and tracking without the need for a camera operator.


Professional Filming

Professional Photography


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