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DJI FlightHub

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DJI FlightHub helps enterprises and drone service providers efficiently manage their drone operations from a single platform. A web-based service, FlightHub enables the secure management of real-time drone operations, flight data, drone fleets and pilot teams to meet the needs of the expanding global commercial drone industry.

“As commercial use of drone technology increases each day, businesses need a solution that lets them scale their operations quickly and efficiently manage their growing fleets and teams across multiple locations,” said Jan Gasparic, DJI’s Head of Enterprise Partnerships. “FlightHub is the first solution of its kind that empowers businesses to manage their drone operations in one place, securely, within seconds and from remote locations.”

View Your Teams’ Remote Drone Operations in One Place, in Real Time

FlightHub provides enterprises a clear, centralised view of their company’s drone operations to enable onsite pilots to more effectively collaborate with offsite teams. The Map View and Real-Time View features display telemetry, camera and sensor data for faster, more informed decision making.

Map View provides offsite teams with live, map-based telemetry data of all drone operations for easier coordination of simultaneous flights and multiple drone teams. In addition, information from DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) geofencing system is also displayed to ensure all users have access to up-to-date guidance on areas where flight may be limited due to safety concerns or regulations.

Real-Time View provides offsite teams with live video feeds from up to four onsite drones, enabling unique workflows for teams that need onsite pilots to relay information to offsite engineers, and for critical flight operations where real-time data enables quick decision making.

Access Flight Data Securely, From Anywhere

Flight Logs and Statistics are uploaded and archived, creating a searchable database of past flights that relieves drone pilots from manually recording flight information. Administrators have the ability to store historical telemetry data for easier regulatory compliance and operations management, and more effective internal communication regarding drone programs.

Secure Web Access and Cloud Storage provides access to FlightHub from any web browser through a US-based Amazon Web Services server. FlightHub data management operations have been pre-assessed in accordance with SOC2 AICPA standards. Future versions of FlightHub will have the option to integrate with private clouds for organisations that demand the highest level of data security.

Media Library transfers flight information including photos and videos directly from the DJI Pilot app into FlightHub, saving time and eliminating the need to manually transfer data from the DJI Pilot app or drone using an SD card (coming soon).

Manage Fleets and Teams with Ease

Device Maintenance
Get an overview of aircraft status and battery health so you can keep track of the performance for each individual drone, ensuring optimum functioning of your fleet across operations.

Team Management
Improve communication and operational efficiency by segmenting your teams based on project, region, client, or any other identifier.

Firmware Management
Effectively manage firmware so you can ensure smooth operation of your fleet, helping you avoid any delays during critical missions.

“When we first started the drone program at BNSF, we had to develop a lot of processes from scratch, including the tasks of manually logging flights and conducting checks to ensure each team out on the field was following maintenance instructions at all times,” said Nick Dryer, UAS Field Ops Manager at BNSF, one of the largest freight railroad network operators in North America.

“FlightHub has made our program significantly easier to manage by providing a full view of real-time operations and internal communications in one platform. This solution has given us the opportunity to further expand the use of this new technology in an old industry.”

Mission Planning

Manage operational tasks within teams more efficiently with easy-to-use mission planning tools.

Effectively plan and store missions on FlightHub with mission planning tools that enable you to set waypoint flight paths, define waypoint actions and more. By integrating DJI Pilot with DJI FlightHub, users can upload or retrieve missions from the DJI Pilot mobile app, and quickly execute missions on site.

FlightHub automatically generates efficient flight paths after the user has set their required flight zone and flight parameters. The aircraft will then follow this route through its mission. The image data captured during these flights can be


FlightHub is accessible through web browsers and data is securely transmitted from the DJI Pilot mobile app for Android running on a user’s mobile device or DJI CrystalSky monitor.

DJI FlightHub is compatible with the following drone platforms through the DJI Pilot and DJI Pilot PE mobile apps:

  • Matrice 200 Series V2
  • Matrice 200 Series
  • Matrice 600 Series
  • Inspire 2
  • Mavic Pro
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
  • Phantom 4 Pro (excluding Phantom 4 Pro+)
  • Phantom 4 Advanced (excluding Phantom 4 Advanced+)
  • Phantom 4

License Plans & Pricing

DJI FlightHub is available to purchase with a choice of three license plans; Basic, Advanced & Enterprise.

The Basic and Advanced plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription.

Please contact us on 0330 111 8880 for DJI FlightHub Enterprise plan pricing or submit your details via the contact form.

Feature / PlanBasicAdvancedEnterprise
Maximum Drones51010+
Team Management
Automatic Flight Log Syncing
Real-Time Telemetry Info
Real-Time Live View
FlightHub WebSDK
Device Maintenance
Firmware Management
Flight Media Library
Mission Planning
Private Cloud Access

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DJI FlightHub

How do I purchase DJI FlightHub?
FlightHub Basic/Advanced/Enterprise: please contact your local authorised DJI dealer (Uplift Drones) to purchase on 0330-111-8800 or
What is the difference between FlightHub Enterprise and FlightHub Basic/Advanced?

DJI developed FlightHub Enterprise to empower users with the control to take full advantage of DJI’s drone technology while meeting data security requirements. Please see the lists below, which provide an overview of how FlightHub Basic and FlightHub Enterprise are deployed in a network.

FlightHub Basic/Advanced:
Server Owner – DJI;
Server Location – Amazon AWS;
Network Path – Internet;
Account Information – DJI email account.

FlightHub Enterprise:
Server Owner – User;
Server Location – Private Cloud Network;
Network Path – Internet/Private network/Intranet;
Account Information – Customised Account (account name does not have to be an email address).

What system configurations do I need to install FlightHub Enterprise?
Here are the system requirements for installing FlightHub Enterprise:
1. An Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits operating system.
2. DJI Pilot PE installed on mobile devices need to have access to the TCP port 80 / 443 (http/https) and TCP port 1935 (for videos) of your server.
How can I continue to use my license when it expires?
FlightHub Basic/Advanced:
You will receive a license renewal reminder via email when your license is about to expire. You can renew your license in DJI Store.

FlightHub Enterprise:
When your license is about to expire or has expired, please log onto the FlightHub Enterprise Management Center to download the file for license renewal and send it to technical support. Once the license is successfully renewed, you can import the license to the FlightHub Enterprise server and complete the activation process as prompted.

How do I activate my FlightHub Basic/Advanced Plan account?
When purchasing a FlightHub Basic/Advanced plan, your email and activation code are bound together. If your email is already connected to a DJI account, you can activate FlightHub after logging in to the system at If your email is not already connected to a DJI account, first visit and select “create your DJI account” to set up a DJI account using this email. Afterwards, you can proceed by logging in with this new DJI account and then completing the activation process as prompted.
How many drones does FlightHub support?

FlightHub Basic: each license supports up to 5 drones.

FlightHub Advanced: each license supports up to 10 drones.

FlightHub Enterprise: the license supports 10 drones. You can purchase Add-on Kits for support of additional drones. Contact your local authorised DJI dealer for more information.

How do I bind my aircraft to the FlightHub system?
You can bind your aircraft to the FlightHub system via the DJI Pilot App or DJI Pilot PE App. An internet connection on your mobile device is required to carry out this process. Each aircraft is bound to one flight team only. If you receive a prompt that your aircraft has already been bound, simply unbind it on FlightHub first, then reconnect.
What is the difference between Admin, Captain, and Pilot?
An Admin is in charge of the FlightHub account with the highest level of permission, and their authorisation can’t be changed. They can access the FlightHub platform, check flight data, and invite new captains and pilots to join. Admins can add captains and have the power to change their authorisation status. Captains have permission to access the FlightHub platform and invite new pilots to join. There is only one Captain per team. Pilots have no authorisation to access the FlightHub platform but have their drones bound to the system through their DJI Pilot app, providing telemetry and other information to the system. Pilots can be in different teams simultaneously.
What types of DJI aircraft are supported by FlightHub?
The following aircraft are supported:Matrice 200 Series V2, Matrice 200 Series, Matrice 600 Series, Inspire 2, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Enterprise, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced (excluding Phantom 4 Advanced+), Phantom 4 Pro (excluding Phantom 4 Pro+).
In which operating system does DJI Pilot /DJI Pilot PE support FlightHub?
FlightHub is currently only supported by the Android version of DJI Pilot and DJI Pilot PE.
What is the recommended browser for using FlightHub?
For optimal performance, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access FlightHub.
What is the maximum number of live videos (from the aircraft) can I simultaneously view on FlightHub Web?
FlightHub Basic: the live stream is not supported.
FlightHub Advanced/Enterprise: up to 4 live stream videos in a single web browser.
The aircraft has been connected to DJI FlightHub through DJI Pilot / DJI Pilot PE app, why is there no live video after enabling the live stream?
This is likely due to your browser’s default Flash settings. Please manually enable it and refresh the page to access the live stream.
Where do I find my videos and photos?
If your license allows media storage, please login to FlightHub Enterprise and click on the ‘Data Management’ tab to check the saved videos and photos uploaded from DJI Pilot PE.
Why am I unable to see the aircraft after connecting it to DJI Pilot / DJI Pilot PE and FlightHub?
The aircraft location is pushed to FlightHub through DJI Pilot/ DJI Pilot PE app, and then shown on the map. Please make sure that the connected aircraft has already established a known GPS location.
Why am I unable to see flight logs and live stream videos on FlightHub when I turn on a drone that has been bound to the FlightHub system?
Please make sure that your mobile device is connected to the network that you are using and the data upload function is turned on in DJI Pilot / DJI Pilot PE. If you are demonstrating indoors, please connect the aircraft to DJI Assistant 2 to fly in simulation.
Can flight logs in FlightHub be exported?
Yes. Flight logs can be exported into Excel, PDF, and HTML formats.
How is FlightHub data transmitted and stored?
FlightHub Basic and Advanced uses a US-based Amazon Web Service (AWS) server to transmit and store data for users outside of Mainland China.
FlightHub Enterprise uses the users’ own private servers to transmit and store data.
Does DJI FlightHub work across borders?
FlightHub Basic and Advanced will work across borders in nearly all cases. The only case in which it won’t work is if a user originally operating outside Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR goes within Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR and tries to use FlightHub there, since there is a different server used for FlightHub systems in Mainland China and SAR.

The region operability of FlightHub Enterprise is determined by your own IT systems’ deployment strategy.

What is FlightHub WebSDK?
To maximise the full potential of your drone operations and drone management platform, FlightHub WebSDK allows users to integrate their existing systems with FlightHub or develop their own custom web applications.

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