DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station

Optimised Accuracy. Ultimate Reliability.

DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station

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The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station can be seamlessly connected with the fully-integrated Phantom 4 RTK system to achieve centimetre-accurate results in mapping areas with poor mobile network coverage, using OcuSync 2.0 transmission system. The GNSS receiver supports multiple GPS systems to provide real-time data.


  • High-precision Mapping
  • Industrial Surveying
  • Construction & Building, Infrastructure and more.
Name D-RTK 2 Mobile Station
Dimensions (D-RTK 2 body with extension rod): 68 mm×168 mm×1708 mm
IP Rating IP67
Mechanical + Electrical Characteristics
Run Time WB37 battery:>2 h MG-12000P battery:>50 h
Power Consumption 12 W
Features Built-in high-precision 6-axis accelerometer
D-RTK 2 movement monitoring
Sloping measurements
Electronic bubble level
Communication & Data Storage
Data Link OcuSync, Wi-Fi, LAN, 4G
Operating Frequency 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz (China, United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea)
EIRP OcuSync 2.4 GHz - CE (Europe): < 20 dBm
Communication Distance OcuSync: 2 km (unobstructed and free of interference, when the distance from the D-RTK 2 antenna to the bottom of the tripod is 1.8 m, when the difference in height between the remote controller and D-RTK 2 is less than 2 m, and when the remote controller is 1.2 m from ground level)
Memory Capacity 16 GB
GNSS Receiver
GNSS Frequency Simultaneously receive:
GPS: L1 C/A, L2, L5
BEIDOU: B1, B2, B3
Galileo: E1, E5A, E5B
Positioning Accuracy Single Point
Horizontal:1.5 m(RMS)
Vertical:3.0 m(RMS)
Horizontal:1 cm+ 1 ppm(RMS)
Vertical:2 cm+ 1 ppm(RMS)
1 ppm: For every 1 km increase in distance, the accuracy will be 1 mm less. For example, the horizontal accuracy is 1.1 cm when the receiving end is 1 km away from the base station.


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DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station

Which satellite positioning systems does the D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station (D-RTK 2 Mobile Station) support?
The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou. It receives 11 satellite signals, including GPS L1, L2, L5; GLONASS L1, L2; Galileo E1, E5A, E5B and Beidou B1, B2, B3.
What is the difference between the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station and D-RTK?
There are 2 main differences: a. Physical differences: D-RTK is a module that includes 2 RTK receivers, antennas, and radio. One receiver can be used as the base station while the other as the rover station to transmit differential data via radio. D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is an all-in-one product that integrates a high-precision receiver and transmission links, making it easy to set up and use. b. Performance D-RTK has two versions that receive GPS+BDS or GPS+ GLONASS signals depending on the region of purchase. D-RTK 2 Mobile Station only has one version globally that supports four satellite navigation systems: GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS, and Galileo, receiving 11 signals. The new antennas ensure better signal reception and higher positioning accuracy.
Which aircrafts is the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station compatible with?
It is compatible with Phantom 4 RTK, MG-1P RTK, and not with M210 RTK or D-RTK.
Why does the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station not support D-RTK?
Because the data links are different.
What does the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station do?
Currently it is a mobile RTK station, in the future it will be able to serve as a handheld mapping device and as a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS).
What are the power sources of the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?
There are three power sources: 1. Internal battery WB37-4920mAh-7.6V 2. External battery (MG12000P) 3. AC power adaptor.
How long does the internal battery last?
At least two hours. The battery can be charged through the external power port on the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station, or removed and charged with the charger.
Does the internal battery need to be removed when the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is not in use?
Yes. When not in use, please remove the battery. When powered off, the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station enters standby. If the battery is left in the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station, it will stand by for 10 days and then power off automatically to protect the battery, after which the battery needs to be changed or recharged.
Will the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station shut down when switching to an external power source?
When the internal battery is fully charged, the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station will stay on for at least two hours. If an external power source is connected before the internal battery is drained, the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station will continue to function, otherwise it will shut down.
Do I need to calibrate the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station with a reference point?
If there is a point with known location coordinates, simply place the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station exactly on that point then input the coordinates in the App. Make sure the difference in distance between the input and actual coordinates is less than 5 meters, or the input will not work.
How does the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station sense movement and determine if it is upright?
The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is equipped with a high-performance IMU to monitor the status of the device and send that information to the aircraft. If the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station is moved or toppled over, the aircraft will stop performing RTK functions and display the status of the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station in the remote controller app.
How do I import a fixed set of coordinates into the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?
This can be done in the remote controller app, please see the user manual for more information.
How do I run updates on the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?
Log in to DJI ASSISTANT 2 with your DJI account, connect the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station to the PC with a Type-C cable and run the firmware update.

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