DJI CrystalSky 5.5″ High Brightness

DJI CrystalSky 5.5″ High Brightness

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The CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly visible in sunlight. Designed for outdoor aerial imaging, it gives camera operators complete control by having unified compatibility with the DJI GO app.

  • Ultra-bright Monitor (1000cd/m²)
  • Optimised Decoder for smooth Video Display
  • Secondary Battery allows 5-6 hours Operating Time
  • Extreme Temperature Optimized
  • DJI Aerial System Compatibility

What’s Included:

CrystalSky Monitor ×1
Intelligent Battery ×1
Intelligent Battery Charging Hub ×1


Mavic Pro
Phantom 4 Series
Phantom 3 Series
Inspire Series
Osmo Pro
Osmo RAW
Osmo Pro/RAW – Wired Video Adapter
CrystalSky – Osmo Pro/RAW Mounting Bracket
Cendence Remote Controller
CrystalSky – Remote Controller Mounting Bracket
CrystalSky Mavic/Spark Remote Controller Mounting Bracket


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DJI CrystalSky 5.5 High

What is the difference between the High Brightness and Ultra Brightness versions of the 7.85’’ CrystalSky monitor?
The brightness of the High Brightness version is 1000cd/m2 while the Ultra Brightness version reaches 2000cd/m2.
What makes CrystalSky different from ordinary smart device monitors?
The maximum brightness on most smart devices is often between 500 cd/m2 and 705cd/m2. The High Brightness CrystalSky monitor and Ultra Brightness monitors reach 1000cd/m2 and 2000cd/m2 respectively, ensuring comfortable viewing under bright light outdoors.
What are the dual microSD card slots on the CrystalSky monitor used for?
They can increase the CrystalSky monitor’s storage, be used to play back footage recorded on a micro SD Card and for footage backup.
What are the ports on the CrystalSky monitor?
HDMI (3840 x 2160 output)
Dual microSD card slots
Micro USB port
USB Type-C port
USB-A port
Does the CrystalSky monitor include a speaker and microphone?
How is the CrystalSky monitor’s brightness adjusted?
The CrystalSky monitor’s brightness can be adjusted manually and automatically. When set to adjust automatically, CrystalSky will adjust its brightness based on the ambient brightness detected by its light sensor.
Can the CrystalSky monitor connect to Wi-Fi networks or a mobile device via Bluetooth?
The CrystalSky monitor can connect to Wi-Fi networks or Wi-Fi hotspots from mobile devices. Bluetooth is not supported.
Can I customise CrystalSky monitor button functions?
The F1 and F2 buttons on the CrystalSky monitor can be customised, and some buttons on the remote controller can be set to control CrystalSky functions using the DJI GO app. For more details, see the remote controller section of your respective product’s user manual.
What operating system does the CrystalSky monitor use?
The CrystalSky monitor uses a customised Android operating system embedded with the DJI GO , DJI GO 4, and DJI Pilot app.
Can I edit footage on the CrystalSky monitor?
Yes, you can use the CrystalSky monitor to edit your footage using the DJI GO app.
How do I upgrade the CrystalSky monitor’s operating system and DJI GO app?
You can upgrade the operating system through an Internet connection or by downloading the upgrade package from the official DJI website, copying it to an SD card, and inserting the SD card into the monitor. The monitor will start upgrading when switched on. The DJI GO app can also be upgraded using the internet, and you can upgrade DJI GO and the OS at the same time.
Can I install other applications on the CrystalSky monitor?
Yes. CrystalSky supports up to 20 third-party apps, which you can add or remove through System Settings -> Apps. Please note that DJI is not responsible for any rights or information involving third-party security and does not provide any technical support for compatibility issues. Because these apps are not developed or maintained by DJI, they may not guarantee optimal CrystalSky performance. If you experience any problems after installing a third-party app, it is recommended that you remove it or reset CrystalSky to default settings.

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