Clogworks Dark Matter hX

Clogworks Dark Matter hX

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The Clogworks Dark Matter hX offers a very stable flight and has a wide range of applications from industrial inspection and security, with long endurance and resistance to harsh environment to the film industry due to its aesthetic design and large payload capacity.

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The Clogworks Dark Matter hX is not only elegant but also practical and robust. Its excellent performance is due to its design, light weight materials, structural chassis strength, aerodynamics, efficiency, ultra low vibration and raw thrust power.

Flight Time up to 45 mins
Control Range up to 3 km as standard (5km+ with datalink)
Speed up to 20 m/s
Sensor Capabilities up to 7.5 kg payloads
Flight Controller SmartAP-Clogworks
Pilot Radio Communication FrSky or Futaba

About Dark Matter hX

The Clogworks Dark Matter hX modular chassis was designed with ease of transport in mind. Its fully detachable arms, legs and quick release payload attachment system fit perfectly in the compact IP67-rated custom flightcase. Its unique modular design ensures compatibility with a wide range of payload options and exciting future upgrades and options.

The Dark Matter hX can be flown with pre-programmed waypoint paths or click & drag command with no internet access required on the field. Alternatively, it can be flown entirely manually or with GNSS assistance to meet your creative or clients needs.

Flight Time and Wind Resistance

The Clogworks Dark Matter hX maximum flight time will depend on the sensor the aircraft is carrying. A typical flight time with a 2.5kg payload will be up to 25 minutes with one 22000mAh 6S battery. The Dark Matter hX can be operated in wind speed of up to 12m/s (26.8mph, 23.3knots, 43.2km/h) and can be flown at speeds up to 20m/s (44.5mph, 38.9knots, 72km/h).

Tether Capabilities

The Clogworks Dark Matter hX can be flown on tether at up to 100 metres altitude with a 1.6kg payload and an emergency battery onboard (for 1500W maximum power consumption). Operating at a lower maximum altitude (80 metres, say) give you options to lift heavier payloads or operate in higher wind conditions.

The SmartAP Ground Control Software has a dedicated intuitive tether mode. Built-in functionality such as auto-takeoff, auto-landing, heading/altitude adjustments along with built-in safety features can all be controlled through the software without the use of traditional pilot controllers at location or remotely.

Secure Bi-Directional Datalink

For application where security is of utmost importance, we can integrate a secure bi-directional datalink with encryption of the UAV command & control, telemetry and camera feeds.


  • Security application tethered/ untethered
  • Search and rescue
  • Professional photography
  • Professional filming
  • Building inspection/Structural inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Thermal survey
  • Aerial delivery
  • 3D mapping
  • Agriculture

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