AceCore NEO

AceCore NEO

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AceCore NEO is an ultra-reliable, heavy-lift platform designed to handle the high demands of the commercial sectors.


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This large professional grade platform is capable of many applications. The main priority was to create a weatherproof professional drone that can handle the high demands of the commercial sectors.

The NEO has a carbon fibre body, engineered to impress, making it a stable, solid ready to go drone.  Its features make Neo the perfect platform of choice for many applications, but especially filmmaking.

Flight Time 23 MIN (dependant of sensor)
Control Range 7 KM
Speed 10m/s
Sensor Capabilities 0-9kg payloads
Flight Controller DJI A3
Pilot Radio Communication Futaba FMT-02 or DJI Lightbridge 2

Flight Time

The NEO has a varied amount of flight time depending on the sensor the aircraft is carrying. Flight times will range from 5-23 minutes. The wind will also effect operation limits but the NEO is capable of wind speeds of up to 35 knots (40.2mph).


The payloads can be mounted on the top and bottom of the Neo giving the operator the ability to capture footage above the platform and underneath. With a wide range of 3 axis gimbals available the NEO can carry a huge array of cameras and sensors with only the weight being the main factor. With payload options of up to 9kg, NEO can carry sensors regularly seen in the commercial filming and professional sectors around the world.

Key Features

Due to the expensive sensors the NEO can carry, redundancy is key and the manufacturers have not traded anything when it comes to a redundant system giving the pilot and crew faith in the system at all times. There’s also an option to mount parachute systems as an extra level of protection. The NEO has an IP43 rating meaning it can handle small amounts of rain without the system failing.


  • Professional Filming
  • Professional Photography
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Building Inspection/Structural Inspection
  • Wind Turbine Inspection
  • Thermal Survey

Download AceCore Neo Datasheet

Dimensions 1107x1107x635 mm
Frame dimensions 1107x1107x635 mm
Diameter with propellers 1605 mm
Height up to payload quick release 400 mm
Number of motors 8
Motor type Direct Drive 3-phase BLDC outrunner
Operating voltage Up to 50V
Motor max continuous Power 900 W
Idle speed 450 RPM/V
Max continuous current draw 55A
Input voltage 6-25V
Propeller material Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) with foamed core
Propeller setup 4 CW and 4 CCW props
Propeller type 18x16.5 inch fixed propeller
Recommended battery make and models Tattu 10000mAh, 12000mAh, 16000mAh or 22000mAh
Nominal battery voltage 22.2 V/6S
Maximum battery size (2) 210x 150 x 100mm
Minimum battery quantity 2 battery packs parallel
Battery connectors 2x AS150+XT150*
Max discharge rating 240A /480A burst
Maximum Gross for takeoff 19 kg/ 41.89 lbs
Maximum useful load 11.7 kg/ 25.79 lbs
Minimum tandard empty weight 9 kg/ 19.84 lbs
Flight controller model name 7.3 kg/ 16.09


Download AceCore Neo Datasheet



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