Plans for world’s first indoor surveillance drone revealed

indoor surveillance drone

Plans for world’s first indoor surveillance drone revealed

Two of Europe’s top tech companies have partnered together to reportedly power the world’s first-ever indoor autonomous surveillance drone system.

The unmanned machine prototype is reportedly able to carry out its own patrol route through corridors and different rooms of a building, while monitoring aspects of the rooms and then land itself on its wireless charging pad when it is running low on power.

The project is headed by Spanish communications and drone technology developer Avansig, based in Catalonia and Berlin-based drone-charging company Skysense.

Avansig were able to provide the drone technology for the prototype system, while Skysense supplied the latest wireless drone charging stations.

David Trillo, CEO of Avansig, told the media: “Drones work best in surveillance applications and are more cost effective.

“You don’t need to install so many cameras, which reduces the cost.”

The system has a surveillance camera attached to the quadcopter which records and streams real-time footage and then alerts human guards to any potential threats.

According to those in charge of the project, the technology used eliminates the need to remove a battery or manually charge

Alongside eliminating the need for several static cameras with only a few drones, those in charge believe that this system is largely independent of humans and there is no need to interfere.

“We realised we needed a charging partner at the beginning of the project because we want the drone to work completely unattended,” Mr Trillo later added.

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