Pix4D Expand UAV Operations with Pix4Dfields


Pix4D Expand UAV Operations with Pix4Dfields

Pix4D has announced that its first fully dedicated drone mapping service for the agriculture industry – Pix4Dfields – is now live.

The Advanced photogrammetry software company first announced the idea in March and has worked alongside farmers, agronomists and breeders to produce a product they feel can provide for all drone-based agricultural workflows.

Equipped with a new fast processing that provides accurate and instant results, as well as an easy-to-use interface with tools tailored to agricultural workflows, users will be able to use Pix4Dfields for everything from simple to complex scenarios.

The company say that idea behind the product came from two main observations – the need to produce accurate, repeatable measurements of cop health and the need to produce results efficiently and rapidly while performing more detailed analysis in house: both of which they believe Pix4fields can produce.

A select group of beta testers have been using the product over the past two months and the company claim that their feedback demonstrates the product’s value in real-world situations.
Pix4D expects their newest product to continue to grow and evolve rapidly – with new features already reportedly in the pipeline – and continue to evolve with further feedback from users.

Pix4D CEO, Christoph Strecha, said: “Our solution fits the need of the agriculture industry and we believe Pix4Dfields will become a staple tool, just like a meter is for a construction site worker.”

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Image credits: Pix4D
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