UAS-OSC (Operations Manual) Guidance

One of the final hurdles on your path to gaining a PfCO is to produce a UAS OSC commonly referred to as your Operations manual.
Many people may feel this a daunting task and will look to find easy way’s to complete the process.

This is not advised as it can lead to more work in the long run to fix errors that could have been easily avoidable by putting in to practice what you have learned so far and following the guidance and templates within this module. If at any point you still can’t find the answer to any questions feel free to get in touch with the office.

Your operations manual can be a great asset to your company and pilots, you may even find that a client will request to see your operations manual as it outlines your standard operating procedures and risk assessment methods

Because of this, you want to make it clear and specific to your operations, but it also needs to be functional when filling out the forms found within it.

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