Seeking a New Career Path? A Drone Flying Course Could Be the Answer

man in a suit looking at a drone considering a drone flying course

Thanks to modern technology, new career paths are being created every day. One of the newest and most exciting is that of a professional drone pilot. Of course, you’ll need to start somewhere — and drone flying courses are the ideal first step.

We are fortunate to live in an era where there are opportunities in abundance and self-made professionals can thrive. Technology has revolutionised nearly every industry you can think of — and created a fair few in the process. Drones have been around for a while now for recreational use, but are now taking flight for commercial purposes and making the role of professional drone pilot a realistic and exciting career choice.

Here at Uplift Drone Training, we offer a variety of courses that help students to become skillful and knowledgeable pilots. If you’re in need of a career change and think drone piloting could be the answer, here’s why drone flying courses will give you the necessary starting point.

Drone Flying Courses Give You a Better Chance of Being a Top Pilot

As professional drone piloting becomes more popular as a career choice, the field is bound to become a lot more competitive. If you don’t possess the ability or knowledge of drones to appeal to employees, you’ll find that you may spend some time at the bottom of the pile. If your competition has undertaken drone flying courses and possesses superior flying skills, you’ll struggle to get consistent work.

This isn’t to say that you necessarily need drone training to be a professional pilot, but those that do take our courses come out the other side as efficient and well-rounded in regards to skill as you could hope to be. In commercial drone flying, where the stakes are higher and more is expected of you, average skills and moderate knowledge of drone laws might not cut it.

You’ll Be Learning From the Best

Here at Uplift Drone Training, we’re fortunate enough to have a team of drone experts and former pilots. Not only does this give our students great insight and the most up-to-date information about the drone industry, but our former pilots are also a huge asset for aviation knowledge on a wider scale.

Throughout our drone training courses, we aim to give our students a healthy mixture of theory work and hands-on practice with the most modern drone devices. This combination of skill and knowledge will benefit you greatly as you embark on a career of drone flying, where both are equally as important.

Drone Training Shows You Mean Business

When taking on any new career, it’s vital to show that you’re committed to better yourself and are willing to learn the necessary skills to succeed. If your goal is to become a professional drone pilot, drone flying courses will demonstrate that you mean business and are a tried-and-tested pilot.

This is especially important for commercial drone use, where the style of flying and regulations may differ. For example, in construction, you’ll have a lot more to consider in regards to health and safety. For media work, you’ll have to fly smoothly and steadily enough to provide high-quality photos and footage. There are also plenty of drone laws that need to be adhered to, so an employer will be more willing to take on a pilot who knows their stuff.

Learn to Fly Safely and Legally With Drone Training

Drones have appeared in the news recently due to safety issues — when an incident involving a drone at Gatwick caused a runway to close — which has led to the call for UK drone laws to be changed. Safety is something that we take very seriously here at Uplift Drone Training, so we will be teaching our students how to operate drones under the new laws.

The ability to fly a drone safely and legally will be extremely beneficial to an employer, as it gives them the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be the cause of any problems. Failing to comply with drone rules and regulations is a criminal offence and could see you spending time in prison. Not only would this be a disaster for you on a personal level, but employers won’t want to risk a potential lawsuit due to the insufficient knowledge or negligence of a drone pilot on their payroll.

Are you interested in a career as a professional drone pilot? Drone flying courses will help you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. Don’t hesitate to book a course with Uplift Drone Training to give your new career a flying start!


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