1.0 Volume 1

Volume 1 is all about the your operation.

at its core its compromised of 2 sections your set up as a business from health and safety to company layout and who the accountable manager is.

The second section is all about you operating procedures. how you plan to go about checking that a location is safe to fly in, setting up of your equipment, risk assessing and emergency procedures to name a few.

it is worth thinking about this section as what you put in will dictate how you must operate to ensure both your insurance and PfCO is valid when flying.

One thing to think about is how you word your operations manual.

if you put in a statement that operations must have a minimum of a pilot and a spotter to take place, what would you do if your spotter was unavailable? you may be able to carry out the operation in a safe manner but you would be contravening your Operations manual and making your PfCO invalid.

With this in mind it may be better to leave your options open. A statement like the following may be worth thinking about;

The Pilot in command can carry out operations as a single operator, if it is deemed the risks are ALARP. However a two member team is preferable to help with sharing work load and increasing situational awareness.

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