0.1 What is a UAS-OSC composed of?

A UAS OSC is made up for Three Volumes. Each Volume cover different information in relation to commercial SUA Operations.

Volume 1 – is all about your planned operations from the type of work you are undertaking to the company structure and who is accountable. It will also include your standard operating procedures for how you go about risk assessing each flight and ensure you comply with the law.

Volume 2 – is all about the aircraft. Any specific information about your craft can be found within this section including any maintenance/servicing requirements.

Volume 3 – is an operational safety case that the can be put forward when looking to request a non-standard permission, this may be for reduced separation distances or increasing your operational limits above 400ft AGL and 500m from the pilot.

This is a complex process and may not be needed in most cases, because of this we will not cover Volume 3 within this module .

If you do feel that your company could benefit from a Volume 3 extended permission speak to our team as we run training spefically about how to approach this covering both the procedures, equipment and documentation that you may need to put in place that could help towards a successful application  

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