5 – Uplift drone training top 10 tips for staying safe while flying

Below are 10 of Uplift Drone Trainings top tips to staying safe when flying your drone

  • Airspace –Before any flight you need to know what airspace you are in, without knowing this you cannot exercise good airmanship and could potentially endanger yourself and others by doing this.
  • Equipment – You want to get into the habit of inspecting equipment before flight to ensure your batteries are charged and all the equipment you need has been packed, there’s nothing worse than looking forward to a flight only to find your batteries are flat or you’ve forgot your props.
  • Airworthy – You need to be reasonably satisfied that a flight can be safely made. By checking your equipment over before using it you will be better equipped to make the decision if you are satisfied a flight can be safely made
  • Weather -Check the weather before you head out, not only will it improve the safety of the flight with regards to your equipment’s limits but it’ll help you decide before travelling if you need to pack any extra equipment to keep yourself safe.
  • People – Avoid people the best you can, if you do choose to operate your drone near people you need to maintain the separation distances as shown, failing to do so could cause a safety issue.
  • Location – Start somewhere easy, big open spaces with minimal hazards will help you get to grips with your drone and can help to avoid any mishaps when you first start out.
  • Time – Be mindful of the times you choose to fly, Dawn/dusk may pose issues with birds being more active, weekends may see more people in locations that you will need to avoid.
  • Limits – Know your limits with regards to your equipment and the conditions you choose to fly in, a lot of crashes are caused by human error when people choose to fly in situations they are unfamiliar with, especially beginners in windy conditions, or near hazards like tree’s
  • Safety – Be responsible, follow the rules and regulations and comply with the law..
  • And most of all have fun and fly safe!

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