1 – Intro Drone Safety Awareness

About this Course

Welcome to the Uplift Drone Training Done Safety Awareness course.  This is a self study course.  The course introduces the new comer to drones to some of the safety aspects involved in drone flying in the United Kingdom.  The information in this course is UK specific and may not be valid in other countries.  Please remember that under UK law the drone pilot is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of their drone.  Please fly responsibly and  if there is any doubt as to whether you can fly your drone safely –  do not fly until you are sure all safety issues have been resolved.


Drones were once only for enthusiasts that painstakingly built, flew and maintained their own aircraft. These aircraft were often built from scratch.

Over the years this has changed dramatically with many new companies bringing ready to fly aircraft to market boasting impressive features and the ability to fly for longer with better battery life.

This new-found ease of acquiring a drone and the ability for almost anyone to be able to quickly pick up the controls and fly the aircraft has seen the industry explode over the last few years.

While this is great in some respects as both individuals and industry’s start to adopt the technology in to their daily workings, it does pose issues with integration into the UK’s already busy airspace and growing security and privacy concerns.

By bringing greater awareness and minimum training requirements people will be better educated on what the can/can’t do with a drone, whilst this will not 100% remove the issues mentioned above it will go along away to help this fledgling technology continue to expand.

What are some of the Safety Issues ?

Just some of the safety concerns from flying drones are as follows:

– Drone flights posing threats to commercial aircraft (passenger aircraft) in flight

– Privacy breaches and data protection issues

– Security concerns

– Safety concerns for the general public

These issues will be explored in this course and we will see how we can fly our drone flights safely.

Below is a link to a list of common abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used in relation to drones.

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