Latest DJI Announcement Ups Speculation of Mavic Pro II Release

Mavic Pro II

It might just be happening.

Anticipation has been building for DJI’s latest Mavic Pro for almost a year now and after DJI recently announced an exclusive event set for next month, drone enthusiasts around the world have been left asking the same question – will this FINALLY be the release of the Mavic Pro II?

The Chinese technology giants released a very cryptic message to select press last weekend under the title ‘See The Bigger Picture’, which gave details about an exclusive event set to take place in New York on July 18th.

Various rumours have been circling the web about the image itself, with many saying the invite’s ‘Tiny Planet’ rendering which may hint towards the release involving a 360-degree camera of some sort, while some have even flipped the image upside down to very tenuously find the words outline an M and two I’s.

According to various rumours, the Mavic Pro II beta testing ending in January and speculation has been continuing to build since as to when it will officially be released, with some saying it won’t be out until the end of the year and other’s even saying it may not come out at all.

But after DJI’s latest announcement, it seems we may be closer than ever to finally seeing the Mavic Pro II.

Image Credit: Twitter User @OsitaLV


The first Mavic Pro changed the game; there’s no doubt about that, but what can we expect to see from the brand new and improved Mavic Pro II to step it up even further?

Better Camera and Gimbal

While the current Mavic’s 4k camera is very impressive, the Pro II’s camera is expected to be even better.

Unlike early thoughts of a larger 1 inch sensor, it is now rumoured to have a new 12-MegaPixel Sony IMX226 CMOS 1/1.7″ sensor as well as the capability to shoot 4k video at 60FPS, faster bitrate, less noise, better low light performance and a newly designed 3-axis gimbal.

Improved Obstacle Avoidance

The Mavic Pro currently just has front sensors, but the Pro II is expected to have both front and rear cameras, it’s even been rumoured to have bottom cameras, to help it accurately avoid obstacles using 3-directional environment sensing. There has also been talk that it will have the smart avoidance system (FlightAutonomy 2.0) that is available on the Mavic Air as well.


There have reportedly been a few issues with the current Mavic Pro regarding its strength. According to some, the joints on the folding arms need to be stronger in order to avoid them failing over a long period, while the gimbal guard has also been described as ‘not strong as it should be’.

Undoubtedly, DJI will be looking to eradicate these issues from the Mavic Pro II and improve the drone’s strength and longevity.

Improved Flight Time and Range

Currently, the Mavic Pro has an estimated flight time of 27 minutes, 30 if you choose the Pro Platinum, but the Pro II is rumoured to have improved that to 33 minutes flight time; while it is also rumoured to have increased its range from the current 4.3 miles to eclipse a 5-mile range.

Rumours will continue to stir until the date in July but the recent price drop in the original Mavic not only seems to suggest that an updated model may be right around the corner but makes the current Mavic Pro – which you can purchase from us here – an absolute bargain in our opinion.

But while there is still no definitive answer that DJI’s event is in fact the release of the Mavic Pro II, our excitement and anticipation will continue to build until that fateful day on July 18th.
Uplift will stock the Mavic II as soon as it is released.

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