In The Spotlight: AceCore ZOE

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AceCore ZOE

In The Spotlight: AceCore ZOE

AceCore Technologies represent today’s industry rebels; working against the dominance of the manufacturing giant that is DJI to develop impressive cinematic solutions for the creative industry and beyond.

Based in the Netherlands, AceCore was created by experts in both the film and aviation industries. Following the success of their NEO aircraft – the heavy-lift rival to the more mainstream DJI Inspire Series and Matrice 600 Pro aircraft – comes the versatile and cutting-edge ZOE.

ZOE’s Best Features

ZOE certainly impresses as the aerodynamic mini-me of the more robust NEO aircraft. Weighing in at 3.95 kg, it can carry payloads of up to 6.5 kg for adaptability across multiple applications, including cinematography, inspection, surveying and search & rescue – but more on that later.

One of ZOE’s most impressive features comes from the aircraft being openly marketed as ‘weatherproof’. In fact, it’s water resistant (IP43) and can operate against a maximum wind speed of 35 knots (40 mph), meaning it’s still reliable in almost any instance of our infamous British weather. It can also function in temperatures from -10°C up to 45°C.

Battery and payload depending, this aircraft boasts a maximum flight time of 40 minutes, allowing for RTH with 10% battery remaining. The graph below gives you an idea of the expected flight times, although it’s important to note that testing took place ‘at 20°C ambient temperature, a nominal wind speed of 8 knots (9 mph) while hovering at a height of 5 meters above ground.’

acecore zoe batteryImage source: AceCore Technologies

Like the DJI Matrice 600 Pro the ZOE features a triple redundancy autopilot system, as well as a built-in parachute in the event of complete technical failure – although, they insist, their system never fails!

Another highlight is that despite being “weatherproof” the aircraft is light, compact and foldable for transport, which ties into it’s suitability for multiple applications. It also features AceCore’s newest propeller design, with a flicked tip to reduce turbulence and overall noise pollution.

The payloads can be mounted on the top and bottom of the ZOE, giving the operator the ability to capture footage above the platform and underneath. With a wide range of 3 axis gimbals available, ZOE can carry a huge array of cameras and sensors.

Let’s Check the Specs

For such a small, lightweight aircraft, the ZOE sure packs a punch. With its maximum take-off weight calculated at 11.95 kg, this aircraft can more than handle itself against it’s larger competitors like the DJI Matrice Series.

The ZOE can also be built in two ways; with DJI components OR with the Pixhawk system, so you have more control over the aircraft setup and capability, depending on the task at hand.

Check out some of the ZOE’s spec highlights:

acecore zoe specs

For the full scope of aircraft specifications, please visit our product page.

Is ZOE the Right Drone for the Job?

AceCore Technologies was born from a love of cinematography, so it’s safe to assume ZOE shines as a tool for the creative industry. With payload options of up to 6.5 kg ZOE can carry sensors regularly seen in the commercial filming and professional sectors around the world, however ZOE really comes in to its own when it’s used for inspections and carrying multi-spectral and thermal cameras. From bridge and building inspections, to land surveying and photogrammetry mapping, this aircraft excels at it all.

For inspection, AceCore suggests you attach the Gremsy T3 & Sony RX1 or Sony A7S Camera (payload of 2-2.5 kg), with which you would expect to achieve approximately 25 minutes flight time. Whereas for surveying, it is recommended the Gary IOIR (payload of 1-1.5 kg) is attached, which allows approximately 30-35 minutes flight time.

Its ability to handle adverse weather conditions with ease, means that it can be relied on as a viable commercial tool throughout the year. This factor also cements the ZOE as a leading aircraft for Search & Rescue operations, executing thermal and optical search missions worldwide. This aircraft also features a specially designed drop module to support relief efforts by remotely releasing up to 2 items at a time (totalling 6.5 kg) to those in aid.

AceCore has crafted one of the highest-quality carbon fiber drones on the market, suitable for a wealth of commercial applications. Could it be time to steer away from DJI and explore other worthy contenders in the global marketplace? We think so.

Learn More About AceCore ZOE

We stock the full range of AceCore products including the ZOE aircraft, NEO aircraft and Tether System, with prices available on application.

If you’d like to discuss using AceCore Zoe for your operations, please contact our technical team on 0330 111 8800 (option 3) or email us at info@upliftdronetraining.com.


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