How to Fly a Drone: Hovering and Moving Around

Part 3 - For Novice Drone Pilots and Recreational Drone Flying

How to Fly a Drone_Hovering and Moving Around

How to Fly a Drone: Hovering and Moving Around

Just bought your new drone? Well congratulations! Your new drone comes with a whole host of exciting features and capabilities but there are several questions you may have before your first recreational flight – and with our new How to Fly a Drone Series for novice drone pilots, we’ll hopefully be able to answer most of them.

Following Part 2, you should now be able to safely take-off and land your aircraft. With your drone up in the air, it’s time to master the basics of in-flight motion.

Controlled Hovering

First up – how to hover your drone in mid-air.

After completing take-off in an open space whilst keeping the legal distances from people and properties, you can gently release the throttle so it remains airborne in a controlled hover. Yes – it’s that simple!

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To better understand the motion of your drone, here’s a simple breakdown of the forces in action when hovering:

To hover in place, the force pushing the drone up must be equal to the gravitational force weighing the drone down.

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  • The “up” force is known as lift., which is generated through thrust from the motors. Due to the air pressure difference above and below the propellers, the aircraft will hover in place.
  • The “down” force is known as the gravitational weight of the aircraft, which is – you guessed it – a combination of gravity and the weight of the drone pulling it down.

Moving Around

Before flying your drone either forwards, backwards, left or right, remember to keep checking that no people, animals or vehicles have come into your open space, and you are still keeping the legal distances from people and properties.

Forwards and Backwards:

Once you have the drone steady and hovering, you can pitch forward (by gently pushing the right stick forward) to fly a little bit forward and then pitch backward (pull it back slowly) to bring it back to the original position, or pull slightly more to move further backwards.

How to Fly a Drone_Hovering_Image 3

Left and Right:

Again, push the right stick to the left to move the drone left and similarly push it right to move your drone to the right.

How to Fly a Drone_Hovering_Image 4

Now you’ve learnt how to hover and move your aircraft around, you can repeat the movements until you are comfortable safely flying your aircraft.

We hope you’ve found this mini-guide helpful and now have an understanding of how to safely hover and control your aircraft’s motion.

Stay tuned for “Part 4: Flying in a Circle or Square Motion”

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