Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro – The Great Debate

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Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro – The Great Debate

It’s a question often asked by many filmmakers and editors – which is the best video editor, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere?

Well, there is no real definitive answer. Both undoubtedly have their strong points and their weaknesses as well, but the question should really be – which one is best for you?

Well here at Uplift we’re all about giving a helping hand, so here is why we feel each software stands out from the other.

Final Cut Pro

Fantastic 4K Editing

There is no real comparison in the editing software game when it comes to how well Final Cut edits 4k video footage.

This is down to all the background rendering that takes place in final cut and while it can eat up some of the hardware space – the power and performance that Final Cut provides really makes the editing process seamless.

Animations and Motion Titles

Final cut has a large range of animations and powerful motion titles that you can add in to your footage and edit them live on the screen, without having to take them into another programme – such as Adobe After Effects for example.

Several Apple Motion templates are available to purchase that drop directly into your timeline and you can edit and customise the text without having to leave your timeline – which is a huge timesaver.

While there are titles available in Adobe Premiere, in order to edit them you normally need additional software such as Adobe After Effects and then use the Adobe Dynamic Link to talk between the two programmes – which can be extremely time consuming.

final cut pro - motion titles

Magnetic Timeline

The Magnetic Timeline again is another real timesaver and, while it might take some getting used to, it makes working on Final Cut a very quick process.

Essentially what the magnetic timeline does is it give you a set storyline and while in that storyline, you can pick up pieces of your footage and move them around and the software will automatically close and open gaps.

Furthermore, it also keeps all the effects that you have added to specific clips in your storyline. So, if you decide to link certain layers to a specific story clip and if you were to move that story clip around, all of the effects and sounds that you have put with that clip will stick with it.

final cut pro - magnetic timeline

Import Previews

You can preview both video and audio files before you import your footage, so you can play them back and hear them before you click import.

This differs to Adobe Premiere, as in Premiere you are only presented with a file browser to pick the files that you would like to import. Whereas with Final Cut, you can go through specific clips and look at the ones you want.

This way, you are only importing the files and clips that you actually want in your project instead of downloading an entire folder, knowing that the one clip that you want is somewhere in that folder!

Render Times

Render times on Final Cut Pro are very fast and sometimes even non-existent, as they are done in the background.

If you’re looking to share your content, it will just begin to upload straight away. There is no export or rendering process, so the upload will just begin straight away – which saves a huge amount of time.

The benefit of not having to wait a long time for the project to render or export is that if there are any changes that you want to make to your final project, it is no hassle to get straight back into it, make the change, and then re-upload the project to wherever you are wanting to share it to.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Cross Platform Compatibility

One of the best parts about is Adobe Premiere is that it works on both Windows and Apple Mac.

Having software that works the same on both the main computer platforms is a huge benefit as it means that you are not tied down to just one form or computer.

It also makes it easier to transfer files between editors; it can re-link instantly on all systems and can be a huge time saver.

Adobe Premiere Pro also lets you work over a network, import network footage and open a network project file – something that Final Cut doesn’t use.

What this means is that – when working with others on a project – you can have a shared network storage which allows you to store all the project files on there and the software will also let you open and run a project file over the network – perfect for any office or team environment.

adobe premiere pro - cross platform compatibility

Colour Correction

While final cut does have Colour Correction capabilities, it doesn’t compare to the capabilities of Adobe Premiere’s Colour Correction software.

Adobe continue to update their Colour Correction system very regularly – adding new features while also adding more power – making it fantastic.

Large Amount of Export Presets

If you need a preset for something – it’s likely that Premiere Pro has it.

From your lowest resolution videos, right up to a fully cinematic digital file, there are a wide range of options to choose from, while you also have the option queue multiple versions of your final file.

File Management

In Adobe, their media management of your files is key.

You can put all your assets, video files, graphics, music into different bins and folders – which can again be a real time saver when you are working on a bigger project.

When working on a large project, it is vital to have all your folder structures set in a logical way for not only you to use it, but also any other editors involved can also find files and get involved straight away – and Adobe provides that.

This structuring system will also help when needing to backup your files, archiving projects and transferring projects too.

adobe premiere pro - file management

So, there you have it. Hopefully, after taking all these factors about both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro into account, you’ll now be able to choose the right editing software for your aerial footage.

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