Drone Training and Obtaining Permission for Commercial Operations

Uplift Drone Training Provides industry leading training courses to enable organisations and individuals to become commercial drone pilots. To fly drones commercially in the UK you need to obtain a PfCO or Permission for Commercial Operations, all Uplift Drone Training courses lead to the applicant obtaining the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).
We provide 3 day training courses. The first two days of the course are the theory, the third day is your flight test if you feel your ready.
Please see our video that explains the course here.
Yes, Uplift Drone Training consists of many industry experts , we do not like the term “consultancy” as it often has negative associations - so we provide the best advice available from what drone a photographer should use to what platform and mapping software a construction company should use. Please note we do not sell equipment or software, so we are completely impartial when it comes to recommending drone solutions.
Yes we do, we realise convenience and minimising impact on your schedule is a consideration when choosing a training provider, so we train at locations around the country from Brighton to Glasgow. See our full list of locations here.
Yes please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist, however we cannot train for the UK CAA PfCO overseas, this is a CAA restriction.
The Civil Aviation Authority will not issue a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) to anyone under the age of 18. However having said that, if the PfCO is held by someone who is 18 or over you can be a drone pilot named on a PfCO at the age of 16 or over.
Yes, there is a 56 question multiple choice exam at the end of the course, the pass mark is 75%.
Uplift Drone Training has a policy of only employing unmanned or manned aviation experts, you will only be taught by current commercial operators who are experts in their fields. Some of the instructor’s are, commercial drone operators, ex military drone operators, airlines pilots, military fast jet pilots and professional cameramen among others.
Yes we do, we will provide our course handbook, both electronic and paper hard copy. We will provide all aviation paper charts required. You are required to bring a laptop, iPad or tablet that can access the internet on the course.

Flying Training

Yes we do, it is one of the founding principles of Uplift Drone Training, that we offer classroom courses and practical flight training.
Yes we carry the Inspire 2, M600 Pro and others among our fleet, please ask for more details.
No prior experience is required for the flying training day.
Yes, Uplift Drone Training uses the M600 Pro for Heavy lift Training.
Can you hire me a heavy lift (7-20kg) drone for my test?


Yes, to fly drones commercially in the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority requires commercial operators to have insurance compliant with EC regulation EC 785/2004.
Uplift Drone Training, recommends that anyone who flies a drone must be properly insured. Think of it this way, a drone has the ability damage property and worse injure someone - much like a car. You would not drive a car uninsured.
Yes you must have insurance for your aircraft and submit a proof of cover before your flight test.
No if you have hired an Uplift Drone Training drone for your flight test, our equipment is fully insured by our insurance policy for the flight test.
No the equipment Uplift Drone Training Provides on the training day is fully insured.
We cannot recommend insurance as insurance advice is regulated in the UK.


Please see our price list by clicking on Courses in the navigation.
We will get you through our course as soon as possible; however the Civil Aviation Authority has a policy of a 28 working day turnaround time on PfCO applications. So as soon as we submit your application (straight after you complete all parts of the course) the clock starts ticking and you should receive your application back in approximately 28 working days (about 6 weeks).
We are always keen to hear from people passionate about unmanned aircraft and the solutions to problems they can bring. Please email info@upliftdronetraining.com with your CV, if we do not have a current vacancy it will be kept on file.
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