Mining & Aggregates

Learn How The Mining Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Drone Solutions

The Mining Industry has a growing requirement for the modern drone solutions that allow reliable and consistent aerial surveying of mines and quarries. Join the thousands of industry leaders who are discovering how their mining operations can be enhanced with UAV applications. From improved data collection and project management to better-quality health & safety, find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our expert, industry-tailored drone training solutions.


Plan, Build & Monitor

Aerial site data provides you with an accurate model of the worksite, so that you can better monitor projects. Pix4D software allows you to build up your regular visuals to monitor progress and ensure that any deviations are swiftly rectified. Drones also enable reliable and consistent measurement of your stockpiles, in a fraction of the time it would take to physically survey the site.


Drilling & Blasting

Drone data leads to a significant reduction of the time and operating costs associated with pre-blast area surveys, whilst overall improving efficiency. You can also use your drone site data to create accurate 3D pre-blast and post-blast digital elevation models (DEMs), that include rock type variation and analysis.


Inspections & Safety

Drones remove the risks that come with having surveyors manually inspecting the worksite. Surveying stockpiles with a small unmanned aircraft (SUA) means that data can be captured more regularly to improve site management, safety standards and increase productivity.

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