Energy & Solar

Learn How Energy & Solar Can Benefit From Commercial Drone Solutions

The Energy and Solar Industry has a growing requirement for modern drone solutions to increase energy and asset productivity. Join the thousands of industry leaders who are discovering how their operations can be enhanced with UAS applications. From more effective structural inspection to better-quality health & safety, find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our expert, industry-tailored drone training solutions.


Infrastructure Inspection

Carrying out regular infrastructure inspections using drone surveys ensures operational integrity, by ensuring structural defects on energy structures such as wind turbines, oil rigs and power lines are quickly identified, and repairs & maintenance are conducted safely. The long-term benefits include reduced maintenance costs and increased asset life.


Increased Asset Productivity

Thermal cameras are a non-evasive method of problem detection that can be used to identify non-productive power generation in wind turbines and solar panels, leading to improved energy production. Pipeline and oil rig operators can use thermal imaging to quickly identify leaks and spills.


Safety & Security

Drone solutions support the safety-first culture that is so important in the renewable and non-renewable energy industries. Less physical time spent in the field equals less risk. There is now also increased demand for drone security solutions in high-risk environments such as those in the energy industry.

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