Learn How The Farming Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Drone Solutions

The Farming Industry is seeing an increased requirement for modern drone solutions, with farmers and landowners now using smart drones for aerial crop surveillance to help boost productivity on their farms. Join the thousands of industry leaders who are discovering how agriculture can be enhanced with UAS applications by optimising yield, whilst minimising costs. Find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our expert, industry-tailored drone training solutions.


Monitor your Crop

Nobody knows your harvest better than you, but even you can’t be everywhere at once. Precision Crop Mapping enables you to quickly locate any issue from the air, identifying problems early to maximise yields. Capture accurate images of your land, conduct plant counts and detect disease – all in a single flight.


Identify the Problem

Data processing of 2D maps and 3D models allows you to rapidly identify problems with a detailed crop analysis, which can be exported to industry formats for clear analysis and reporting. Pix4D mapping software allows you to consolidate your data in one place, making it easier for reports to be accessed and shared.


Find the Solution

Drone operated bracken spraying systems allow targeted application over varied and uneven terrain. Drone solutions significantly reduce time and cut costs, in comparison to physical manpower. Their ability to fly in variable weather conditions means they are effective throughout the year.

See How it Works

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