Drone Users Advised to Stop Flying their Drones over Moorland Fire

Drone Users Advised to Stop Flying their Drones over Moorland Fire

Lancashire Fire Service have told drone users in the county to stop flying their drones over the enormous moorland fire to avoid a potential collision with helicopters trying to tackle the blaze.

According to the service, three drones have been sighted over the blaze – believed to have been filming the inferno – and have now urged members of the public to stay away from the fire that on Winter Hill near Bolton last week.

The service posted on social media: “Would all amateur drone users please steer clear of this area, it does hamper our extremely important work, with a spokesperson later telling the media that the fire service was worried about collisions with helicopters.

They said: “Drone users have been contacted and it’s been explained to them why they’ve not been asked to fly, where movement of helicopters might be hindered or endangered.”

Officers have reportedly said that they had to deal with numerous incidents including people driving to the scene to record the fires on mobile phones while also blocking access roads for emergency vehicles.

The fire – which has flames recorded as high as 6ft in the air – is expected to continue burning over the next week.

Image Credit: West Yorkshire Fire/Twitter

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