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Become a Qualified Commercial Drone Pilot in the UK

Uplift Drones are a leading National Qualified Entity (NQE) provider of professional Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone courses. Our training courses have been specifically developed and tailored to drone operations in a range of commercial industries.


We offer an outstanding portfolio of online and classroom-based commercial drone training courses created and taught by industry experts who are qualified to the highest standards. Our trainers all have their CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) qualifications plus a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure you receive the very best drone training and skills.

Our training courses aim to qualify you from basic drone awareness to commercial compliance with the Civil Aviation Authority. From gaining your PfCO to understanding specialised industry applications, we have the training solutions to enable you to confidently get the most from your commercial drone operations.

Uplift Drones provide drone training and commercial equipment to a range of businesses including the NHS, Intel, Motorola, Esh Group, Derbyshire Constabulary, Balfour Beatty, Sky, Oxford City Council, Spectrum Offshore, Zenith and more.

CAA PfCO Training Courses

The CAA Permission for Commercial Operations – or PfCO as it’s most commonly known – grants the individual permission to legally operate drones or Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) for paid work in the United Kingdom. To apply for the PfCO you will need to complete either an in-person or online drone training course with your preferred drone training provider (NQE) and pass a written theory examination and practical flight assessment. You are also required to write and submit a comprehensive safety document called the Operations Manual.

You can apply for a PfCO as an individual or a company. If applying as a company, each individual is required to complete training before being submitted as a Remote Pilot under the company’s new or existing PfCO.

We offer three core training courses that lead to the student gaining their CAA PfCO:

Online PfCO

eLearning Theory Modules

Fast Track PfCO

2-Day Classroom Course

Advanced PfCO

3-Day Practical Course

What's Included?

Online PfCO


Fast Track PfCO


Advanced PfCO

Full course online eLearning (15-20 hours)
Pre-course online eLearning (5 hours)
2-day classroom learning with experienced trainer
3 hours of practical flying instruction (aircraft & insurance provided)
Written theory exam (as required by the Civil Aviation Authority)
Practical flight assessment (test)
Operations manual template, review and support
Telephone support during and after the course
NQE recommendation for CAA PfCO

Are you a licensed Pilot or have you undertaken PfCO training in the past? Here’s our abbreviated and refresher CAA PfCO courses:


For Licensed Pilots

PfCO Refresher

eLearning Refresher Course

PfCO Refresh & Review

eLearning Refresher Course

Drone Surveying Courses

Whether your a Commercial Drone Pilot looking to develop your knowledge and skill set, or a Professional Surveyor ready to enhance your toolkit with drone technology, an understanding of how to create value from your aerial data is vital to generating a healthy revenue stream from your business operations.

Enter the next-gen digital learning solution for drone surveying and 3D mapping to start generating revenue from your drone data:

Drone Surveying Training Course

Drone Surveying and Photogrammetry

The Drone Surveying and Photogrammetry eLearning Course teaches you how to collect accurate data and produce accurate data outputs using drones and photogrammetry. Designed by industry experts who have a proven track record in producing high-value survey grade data using drones, the course is built on years of proven commercial experience and will provide you with the foundation knowledge to start producing accurate drone mapping and survey outputs.

Drone Surveying and CAA PfCO Online Drone Training

Online PfCO + Drone Surveying Bundle

New to drones with an interest or previous experience in surveying? Combine the UK’s best-selling Online PfCO drone training course with the Drone Surveying & Photogrammetry eLearning course, to become a qualified commercial drone pilot in the UK and immediately start generating revenue from your aerial data sets.

Operating Safety Case (OSC)

Get help with your operations manual from a CAA-approved training organisation with a proven background in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and aviation. We are available 5 days a week in our fully staffed office to help with any enquiries and assistance throughout the process.

Operations Manual Guidance and Review Services:

Standard Review Service

Ops Manual Templates & Review

Bespoke Review Service

Ops Manual Templates, Guidance & Review

OSC Volume 3 Guidance and Consultancy for Non-Standard Permission:

OSC Volume 3 (Exemption) Online Course

OSC Volume 3 (Exemption) Online Course

This course, which includes over 30 videos across 6 core lessons, walks you through the process of putting together your Operation Safety Case (OSC) Volume 3 or Exemption and applying to the CAA.

Operating Safety Case Volume 3 (Exemption) Consultation Service

OSC Volume 3 (Exemption) Consultation Service

You will be allocated a consultant who will review your existing operations manual and your experience and work with you to produce an OSC Volume 1, 2 and 3 to gain you or your company operating limits less restrictive than the “standard” Permission for Commercial Operations. This is a bespoke service and time input and costs can only be assessed after an initial free consultation.

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Why Choose Uplift Drones?

Highest customer satisfaction

We are proud of our 5/5 star rating on Trustpilot from our happy customers who trust our knowledge, experience and skills. But don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say below.

Industry expert training team

Our team consists of current professional drone pilots, equipment experts and aviation experts who have used, sold, built and trained with drones for many years. Our expert team will advise you on how your business can benefit and reap the rewards from drone technology.

Choice and flexibility

We understand your time is precious, which is why our CAA approved drone training courses provide you with access to our eLearning materials and a choice of online, in-person and practical drone training. This enables you to pick the right learning options to suit you and your business.

With you every step of the way

We are committed to not ensuring you are not left on your own once you have completed one of our CAA approved drone training courses. We make sure our friendly team are on hand to support you through your entire journey from start to finish.

Market-leading equipment and service

We supply the latest high quality commercial drones and equipment. As a drone equipment specialist you can rely on us for accurate product information and expert advice when choosing your drone hardware.

Leasing and finance

We have multiple financing solutions available, from personal finance to business equipment leasing. Drone leasing enables you to spread the cost of adding a drone capability to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Commercial Drone Pilot?

To fly drones commercially in the UK you need to obtain a Permission for Commercial Operations or PfCO. Uplift Drones provides industry-leading drone pilot training courses to enable organisations and individuals to become commercial drone pilots. We have three core CAA PfCO courses depending on your prior experience; Online PfCOFast Track PfCO (2 days) and Advanced PfCO (3 days). All include the cost of your practical Flight Test.

What is involved in obtaining a Permission for Commercial Operations (CAA PfCO)?

You have to complete 3 parts of the PfCO process. These include an in-person Ground School (or interactive eCourse if you’re an Online PfCO student) that ends with a Theory Exam, producing an Operations Manual (UAS-OSC) and passing a practical Flight Test. The Uplift Drones training team will help you every step of the way and provide you with lifetime support, long after your course has been completed.

How long does it take to get a CAA PfCO?

It very much depends on the individual, but as a guide it can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months. If you are unable to complete your PfCO training course within this time, we offer refresher training courses to bring you up-to-speed.

Do you offer training for Drone Surveying, 3D Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetry?

Enter the next-gen digital learning solution for drone surveying and 3D mapping to start generating revenue from your drone data, with the Drone Surveying eLearning Course. The online drone surveying course is aimed at professionals who will benefit from the use of a photogrammetry capability, whilst typically deploying drones for their day-to-day survey works. No prior experience is required.

Do you offer practical drone pilot training?

Yes we do, it is one of the founding principles of Uplift Drones, that we offer classroom courses and practical flight training. The Flight Test Preparation training session is included in the 3-day Advanced PfCO course and can be booked as an add-on to the Online PfCO course. It’s an invaluable practical training session for those looking to maximise their chances of passing their flight test, and for those who want to ‘hit the ground running’ when they are ready to start their commercial operations.

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