Why Drone Qualifications are So Important for Commercial Drone Pilots

A young boy flying a drone

Due to the rise in popularity of commercial drone use, a career as a professional drone pilot is now a realistic career path. Being able to fly a drone as efficiently and safely as possible is essential — and drone qualifications are the answer.

Commercial drone use has taken the business world by storm, showing huge potential in a range of industries and once again demonstrating how technology can revolutionise business in the modern era. With the increase in drone usage, the amount of people opting for a career as a drone pilot has also increased. But drones aren’t a simple pick up-and-play device; to fly one proficiently and professionally, you’ll need the right qualifications, especially if you’ll be doing so in a commercial environment.

In this post, we’ll take a look at commercial drone piloting and the reasons why qualifications are extremely important.

Improve Skill Level With Drone Flying Courses

Just like any other industry, you’ll need the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at a high level. You may have plenty of drone flying hours under your belt in a recreational sense, but commercial drone use is an entirely different ball game, with the added pressure of company or client expectation.

As there is now money to be made in drone piloting and a fair amount of work to go around, there are more and more drone pilots taking to the skies. Not all of them, though, have the skill to fly in a professional environment, which is why drone flying courses are the best option if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

At Uplift Drone Training, our team of former pilots and drone experts have a multitude of knowledge and experience that they’re eager to pass on to the new generation of drone pilots. Without drone flying courses, you won’t possess the skills and expertise that companies are looking for, leaving you struggling to find work.

Drone Training: Learn How to Fly Your Drone Safely and Legally

Becoming a drone pilot requires a lot more than skillful flying abilities. An integral part of the training process is safety, which is why we strive to teach our students about piloting drones safely and legally. Without the knowledge and skills to do so, you’ll leave yourself and your employer liable if you happen to break any aviation or privacy laws.

An example that demonstrates this perfectly is the recent problems at Gatwick Airport, where a runway had to be closed due to a drone wondering into airspace that’s out of bounds. At Uplift Drone Training, you’ll learn the necessary laws and safety rules and how to stick to them when flying a drone. Along the way, you’ll achieve drone qualifications that prove to employers you’re a capable pilot who knows how to operate a drone safely and legally in a commercial environment.

Upcoming Changes to UK Drone Laws

You may have noticed the recent news stories about the upcoming changes to UK drone laws. Although there isn’t a definite date for these changes, the details of how and why they’re being put into place have been confirmed. The changes include key points such as any drone weighing 250 grams or more will need to be registered, and pilots will now need to take drone safety courses. If you’re a commercial drone pilot, this is worth taking note of, especially if you’re yet to pick up any drone qualifications.

Here at Uplift Drone Training, we maintain an active interest in all things drone, which includes new legislations and changes to drone laws. The new UK drone laws will make it all the more necessary for commercial pilots to embrace drone qualifications and demonstrate to employers that they’re fit to be flying devices for their business.

Are you considering a career as a drone pilot? Or a professional looking to improve your knowledge? At Uplift Drone Training, our drone flying courses will teach you everything you need to know to about the various aspects of commercial drone use. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a drone training course today!


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