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Guide to Commercial Drone Insurance

Why do we need drone insurance for commercial operations?

Imagine you or your company have been asked to conduct a commercial drone flight and you don’t have an insurance policy in place. Ask yourself, what if? What if the aircraft fails during flight and damages someone’s property, or worse, someone? Without insurance you or your company may be liable for legal bills and claims that arise from you or your companies activities with a drone.

This is why we must have insurance in place; to protect you from all aspects of the flight and give yourself – and company – peace of mind during any commercial operations.

All drone-specific insurance companies in the UK will be able to offer you a range of different benefits and services. Details of the insurance requirements can be found on the CAA website under ‘Mandatory Insurance Requirements’. The main thing to look out for is – do they abide by the EC regulation 785/2004? From CAP 722 it states:

2.21  EC Regulation 785/2004 came into force on 30 April 2005 requiring most operators of aircraft, irrespective of the purposes for which they fly, to hold adequate levels of insurance in order to meet their liabilities in the event of an accident. This EC Regulation specifies amongst other things the minimum levels of third-party accident and war risk insurance for aircraft operating into, over or within the EU (including UAS) depending on their Maximum Take-Off Mass (MTOM).

Uplift Drones cannot provide recommendations but we can tell you some of the most well-known drone insurance companies in the UK:

Popular Drone Insurance Providers

We are also partnered with drone insurance provider, Coverdrone.

Get FREE flight test insurance with Coverdrone

Coverdrone is a leading drone insurance provider in the UK. They provide comprehensive protection for commercial (and recreational) operators, including full cover whilst in flight, aviation liability, data protection, invasion of privacy and more.

Coverdrone is fully compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004 and with policies ranging between 1 day to 1 year, they are a great fit for new and existing commercial drone operators.

All Uplift students receive FREE Coverdrone £1M Public Liability cover for their PfCO practical flight assessment.

Click here to redeem your free flight assessment insurance from Coverdrone.

In addition to Coverdrone’s free 1-day flight examination cover, they also offer a 30-day policy for training purposes and your flight test.

If you decide to take out an annual policy after this, Coverdrone will refund the cost of the 30-day training/testing policy in full. Simply purchase your 30-day policy here to get started with this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to obtain drone insurance?

Once you have completed and passed your PfCO Theory Exam you are able to take out a commercial insurance for the use of your drone for commercial operations in the UK.

What should I look for when choosing commercial drone insurance? 

The main thing to look out for is an insurance regulation number (EC785/2004). If you take out commercial insurance and they don’t comply with this regulation the CAA will not accept your application until rectified.

Do Uplift Drones offer free PfCO flight test insurance for students?

Yes! We have partnered with Coverdrone insurance provider to offer our students FREE cover for their Practical Flight Assessment.

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