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The CAA Permission Application

When you apply to the Civil Aviation Authority for a Permission for Commercial Operations various bits of paperwork need to be submitted, this can all be submitted in electronic format. We make the application for Combined or Comprehensive course students. Abbreviated course students make their own application direct to the CAA. The following bits of information are required by the CAA, whether we apply for you (Comprehensive or Combined course students) or you apply direct (abbreviated students).


The SRG 1320 – Guidance on completing the form

The SRG 1320 (Version 7, March 2017) can be downloaded from the CAA website here and is the form you need to fill out when you are ready to make your application for your Permission for Commercial Operations. We will check the form over before we submit your application (for Combined or Comprehensive course students). Abbreviated course students fill out the form themselves, check it and make their own application direct to the CAA with the other information listed above.

Section 1

This details what you should complete in the form. Using the electronic pdf, it is by far the easiest and neatest. If you cannot fill it out electronically you must print and fill out in black or dark blue in BLOCK CAPITALS. Notice section 2 is for individuals, Partnerships, LLPs and clubs section 2a for Limited companies.

Sections 2 and 2a

These sections are either / or. Do not fill out both. Make sure the applicant – either you as an individual etc. or as a Company is correct. The applicant is the same entity that the Operations Manual is written for e.g. either a sole trader (you) in section 2 or a company with company details in section 2a. Below Luke Skycrawler has applied as an individual so only section 2 is completed. In this instance section 2a is blank.

The example below is completed for a limited company – notice section 2 is now blank and 2a is completed. Note the authorised representative section must be completed for companies (not for individuals or partnerships, don’t forget it!).

Section 3

Use this section if you want the CAA to send correspondence a different address than already given.

Section 4

Tick what you are applying for which is an “Initial Application”. If you did your test on a below 7 kg aircraft your permission is for below 7 kg. If you pass your flight test on a 7 – 20 kg aircraft your Permission will cover you for both classes. So, either tick the 0-7 box. Or tick the 0-7 and 7-20 boxes of you did your test on a 7 – 20 kg. You are applying for a standard Permission.

Sections 5 and 6

Fill out the details of the Pilots under your permission – extra pilot’s details can be added in section 9. Tick the “NQE full-category course” if you were on the Comprehensive or Combined course. Abbreviated students tick the “NQE Restricted flight assessment”. Also fill out the details of the SUA you are operating. If operating more than one type of SUA add details for each type of SUA.

Sections 7 and 8

Here give the Operations manual Version and date. Tick the box to indicate the Operations Manual has been signed and make sure the Operations Manual is signed with an ink type signature. Scan your signature and insert it in the Operations Manual in the appropriate place. Operations Manuals have been returned when not signed with a scanned “ink signature”.

Tick VLOS and not BVLOS or EVLOS. Leave the location blank then the whole of the UK is assumed.

“General commercial” imagery is what most people will be using the Permission for. Other examples could be Security, Emergency Services, or Research and Development. If none of these cover your use, detail your use in this section.

Sections 9 and 10

Section 9, add extra details as appropriate such as extra SUA pilots. For Section 10, sign with a digital signature and tick the boxes to confirm you have supplied all relevant documents. If you are an abbreviated course student make sure you have supplied all relevant details. If you are a Comprehensive (two day) or Combined (3-day course) student make sure you supply us with a copy of your logbook evidence, you should have already supplied us the other documents.

Sections 11

Add the fee that you are paying the CAA for your initial application. This is currently £173 for both 7 – 20 kg aircraft and 0 – 7 kg aircraft.

Payment Authorisation

Fill in the applicant details section, note your name is required and your company name if you applying as a company for your Permission. Leave the ASN number blank and the form number is SRG 1320.

Payment Details

Bank transfer is the best method as the CAA will not process the application until payment is made. If you specify credit card – do not fill out the credit card section. The CAA will contact you to take credit card details. This may delay your application as if the CAA miss you when they call (you are at work etc) you will have to call them back, and the CAA are very busy and you may not be able to get through. Make sure you specify the correct amount for the weight category you are applying for and use the correct CAA specified reference for bank transfers.

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