DJI Tease 15 May Release of (Suspected) New Underwater Photography Tool

Promotional image for DJI upcoming product release titled 'Unleash Your Other Side'

Global drone manufacturer DJI has announced the release date of their next product as 15 May 2019. With the product teaser ‘Unleash Your Other Side’ being promoted across their website and social media channels, its oceanic theme and underwater imagery has got everyone wondering what’s coming.

There are two strong contenders, with the first being an underwater drone. This would be a big step into the deep blue for DJI, who have previously focused their efforts on airborne unmanned aerial solutions. However, 2018’s release of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Series and Phantom 4 RTK alongside this year’s Matrice 200 Series V2 release shows DJI are also leading the way to accessible and technologically advanced enterprise solutions.

So, why not add an underwater drone to their enterprise arsenal?

An underwater drone has the capacity to drastically improve safety and efficiency across a range of subaquatic inspections including hull/dock, reservoir dam, infrastructure and aquaculture inspection. Chasing Innovations are already doing it with the Gladius Mini, so why wouldn’t DJI want to get in on the underwater action?

Image of Chasing Innovations Gladius Mini Underwater Drone displayed on rocks at the beach
Chasing Innovations Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

Perhaps DJI want an underwater drone to diversify their already strong selection of travel photography and videography platforms? With the portable Mavic Series and the Osmo Pocket already leading the way for travel bloggers and holidaymakers alike, an underwater offering would truly allow exploration into another dimension.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case? Promoted ever since the Osmo Pocket release in November 2018, the highly anticipated accessory has never actually materialised to be sold by DJI.

Could this be our first clue to DJI’s 15 May product release?

Product image of the Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case
Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case: Allows use of Osmo Pocket at depths of up to 60m for smooth underwater shots, detailed close-ups, and clear low-light detail.

Which brings us onto our second contender, a state-of-the-art underwater action camera to rival the likes of GoPro, GoXtreme and Akaso. The biggest clue we’ve seen so far is in the product teaser itself, which draws some major parallels to GoPro’s previous promotional imagery with its oceanic theme and clear representation of underwater sports and activities like freediving and snorkelling:

Side by side comparison of DJI's Unleash Your Other Side product teaser and GoPro's underwater marketing image
GoPro's promotional image of Hero Silver 7 action camera falling into a body of water

Team this with our other clues including the non-existent waterproof case for the Osmo Pocket, DJI’s expanding travel photography and videography offering and the timing of the Spring/Summer release date, and we’re fairly confident in our conclusion. If this is what’s coming on 15 May, we’re excited.

How do you think DJI will “unleash your other side”?

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