DJI Praise New UK Drone Rules

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DJI Praise New UK Drone Rules

DJI has welcomed the Department for Transport’s (DfT) amendment to the Air Navigation Order, saying the new drone rules ‘balance safety with benefits of drone technology.’

Last month, the DfT announced new drone laws that will come into effect in the UK on 30 July 2018.

From the 30 July, all drones will be restricted to fly at a maximum height of 400ft (120m) and not within 1km of aerodromes. This will apply to drones of any weight or size flying within UK airspace and individual airports can make exceptions for any drone pilot following the appropriate channels i.e. requesting special permission via Air Traffic Control.

While on 30 November next year, further laws will come into force that require any drone weighing 250g or more to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA); while the owner of the drone will also need to register and will be required to pass an online safety test before they are permitted to take to the skies.

And following the announcement of the changes, DJI has ‘welcomed’ the news, calling it a ‘measured approach ensuring that Britain remains open to safe and responsible use of drones.’

Christian Struwe, Head of Public Policy Europe at DJI, said: “The Department for Transport’s updates to the regulatory framework strike a sensible balance between protecting public safety and bringing the benefits of drone technology to British businesses and the public at large.”

“The vast majority of drone pilots fly safely and responsibly, and governments, aviation authorities and drone manufacturers agree we need to work together to ensure all drone pilots know basic safety rules.

“We are therefore particularly pleased about the Department for Transport’s commitment to accessible online testing as a way of helping drone users to comply with the law.”

If you have any questions on the UK law changes or simply want more information about piloting a drone for recreational or commercial use in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts on 0330 111 8800.

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