DJI Mavic Pro 2 – What Are We Hoping to See?

dji mavic pro 2

DJI Mavic Pro 2 – What Are We Hoping to See?

Last month, DJI sent tongues wagging when they released a very cryptic message outlining details about an event they’re holding in New York on July 18th.

And with less than two weeks until the exclusive event – the same question is still on everyone’s mind – will this FINALLY be the release of the Mavic Pro 2 we’ve all been waiting for?!

Since their ‘See The Bigger Picture’ release was sent to selected press – rumours have been circulating the web non-stop – but what is it exactly we want to/might see from DJI’s newest drone?

Improved Camera and Gimbal

While there is no question that the Mavic Pro’s camera is incredibly powerful and can capture fantastic 4K footage, DJI may choose to go one further and add a 1-inch image sensor to the Mavic Pro 2’s camera – similar to the one on the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 – which would add even more image quality to the Mavic Pro 2’s capabilities.

Another rumour that has been circling the internet is that it may even house an omnidirectional, or 360-degree camera, with several saying that the ‘See The Bigger Picture’ invite’s ‘tiny planet’ rendering may hint towards the release involving a 360-degree camera as well.

Improved Flight Time and Range

Currently, the Mavic Pro has an estimated flight time of 27 minutes, 30 if you choose the Pro Platinum, but the Pro 2 is rumoured to have improved that to an estimated 33 minutes flight time; while it is also rumoured to have increased its range from the current 4.3 miles to eclipse a 5-mile range.


Even though the current Mavic Pro can hit speeds of up to 40 miles-per-hour, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Mavic Pro 2 can top that and be able to hit in excess of 45 miles-per-hour.


While the Mavic Pro is a very strong aircraft, according to several rumours both the joints where the arms fold and the camera gimbal guard will be made tougher on the Mavic Pro 2.

Better Obstacle Avoidance

While the current Mavic Pro has obstacle avoidance, it only has front camera sensors, whereas the Mavic Pro 2 is rumoured (and we’re certainly hoping) to have rear motion sensors as well as a smart avoidance system – similar to the Mavic Air which was released earlier this year.

Gesture Control Mode

Many, including us, are hoping that the new Mavic will include Gesture Control features like those found in the DJI Spark.

Facial recognition, gesture controls and palm take-offs/landings are a quick and fun way of launching and starting to film with your drone, and with many expecting the Mavic Pro 2 to be smaller in size than the Mavic Pro, having Gesture Control will make it even quicker to set up than the current model.

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