Cranfield University announces plans for world-leading research role in Autonomous Systems and AI

AIRC at Cranfield University

Cranfield University announces plans for world-leading research role in Autonomous Systems and AI

Last week, Cranfield University published plans for the Professorship in Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Sponsored by technology leader BAE Systems, the esteemed research leadership role aims to combine advanced research in UAV’s, Space and AI.

Julia Sutcliffe, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems Air explained: “Autonomous systems and artificial intelligence have the potential to provide a substantial positive impact upon product, service, and industrial capabilities. This prestigious appointment, in a growing and highly disruptive field, will enable BAE Systems to exploit the latest technologies in these areas to continuously improve our engineering and manufacturing processes, and give our customers a differentiating capability in the field.”

Aerial Shot of Cranfield University

With Cranfield University at the forefront of UAV and AI research in the UK, their academics have previously contributed to multiple autonomy-related programmes and initiatives in the past. Their outstanding facilities – such as the fully equipped UAV Laboratory, Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC), Intelligent Mobility Engineering Centre (IMEC) and the Multi-User Environment for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation – provide the perfect environment to facilitate this Professorship.

Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University and Chair of the UK’s Drone Industry Action Group, said: “Underpinned by our global research airport, Cranfield has a suite of world-leading facilities that support our work in autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. This partnership with BAE Systems is the latest exciting development, and we are delighted to be working with them in an area that will be critically important to the defence and aerospace sectors over the coming years.”

UAV Laboratory at Cranfield University

As only one of five universities in the UK to cement a strategic partnership with BAE Systems, Cranfield University is currently at the forefront of UAV and AI research and development, receiving substantial government and industrial investment during the last 3 years. We look forward to following the development of the soon-to-be-appointed research role and the positive impact this will lead to in the advancement of autonomous UAV and AI technology and systems in the UK.

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