Mapping Course

Introduction to Drone Mapping Course - 2 days

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  • 2 days
  • No prior experience required
  • Max 12 people per course

Introduction to Drone Mapping Course – 2 days

This 2 day mapping course is taught by a professional with 20 years multi-sensor Imagery Analysis experience.

This course is ideal for the PfCO holder with no previous mapping experience. In this exciting and rapidly growing area of drone data collection there are huge opportunities and also expensive pitfalls to avoid.

Two-day drone mapping course

The two day introductory course covers the fundamental techniques behind drone mapping using DJI equipment (Phantom and Inspire) and goes into the theory behind drone digital imaging for mapping, surveying and photogrammetry uses. This will enable you avoid wasted days on site collecting data that does not meet the client’s needs.

The course looks at several of the leading mapping software products. Licenses for mapping software can run into thousands of pounds – make an informed choice after this 2 day course.

Day 1

  • How to plan to collect aerial imaging data whilst recognising drone platform, sensor, environmental and other pertinent planning factors.
  • Common drone mapping/surveying planning apps, the online/cloud-based and desktop software aerial imagery processing applications.
  • Drone mapping flight planning exercises based on a ‘client’s request for survey imagery’ with the creation and storing of autonomous drone mapping plans.

Day 2

  • Practical module with multi-rotor drones with fitted RGB sensor/lens mapping a site based on attendee’s planned missions.
  • The processing of the collected aerial imaging, via a cloud-based or desktop drone imagery software, and compare the collected aerial imaging with that of the planned mapping missions.
  • How to measure from drone aerial imaging using known photogrammetry formulae and methodology.
  • The analytic and reporting tools available within a cloud-based processing application.
  • Workshop consolidation/discussion and onward guidance.
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