Flight Training

Practical Drone Training in preparation for your PfCO Flight Test

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  • 1 day
  • PfCO Theory Exam (Pass)
  • Max 3 people per course

Practical Drone Flight Training

What is the Flight Training day?

As part of your PfCO drone training course, we have to assess you as a SAFE commercial SUA operator to recommend you to the CAA for your PfCO.

If you feel as though you require some additional training before you’re ready to take your flight test, we offer a hands-on practical flight test training day, focusing on how to plan and fly a commercial job in preparation for your flight test. This is a rare opportunity to practice more difficult flying (such as ATTI flying) in a safe environment, and to enhance your flight skills with an instructor on hand.

It’s an invaluable day for those looking to maximise their chances of passing their flight test, and for those who want to ‘hit the ground running’ when they are ready to start their commercial operations.

What’s included?

We provide all students with a market-leading drone and drone insurance for the flight test preparation day and we limit the day to maximum 3 students per Uplift instructor, so you get as much flying time as possible.

Water and light refreshments are provided, however we recommend bringing the following items with you on the day (weather depending):

  • Warm Weather e.g. Sunglasses, Sun Cream, Light Clothing etc.
  • Cold Weather e.g. Fleece, Outdoor/Waterproof Jacket, Woolly Hat, Gloves etc.

Who would benefit from the Flight Training day?

The Flight Test Training day can be purchased in addition to the Online PfCO and Fast Track PfCO courses.

Alternatively, if you have undertaken your Ground School training at another NQE, you have the option to purchase the Flight Training and Flight Test to complete your PfCO drone training process with Uplift Drones.

You will need to complete the following before attending Flight Training:
  • Ground School completed.
  • Theory examination passed.
  • Appropriate weather.

Flight Test Training

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