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CAA PfCO and Drone Surveying eLearning Course Bundle

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CAA PfCO + Drone Survey Training | Online Drone Course Bundle

Combine the UK’s best-selling ‘Online PfCO’ drone training course with the ‘Drone Surveying’ aerial 3D mapping and photogrammetry eLearning course, to become a qualified commercial drone pilot in the UK.

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Course 1: Online PfCO

The Online PfCO is an all-inclusive, CAA-approved drone training course that leads to the student’s NQE recommendation for the Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). Created by our expert training team of commercial drone operators and manned pilots, the course exceeds the CAA recommended syllabus delivered by an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks student’s progress through each module. The eLearning platform is accessible from multiple devices including tablet, Apple Mac and PC.

The Online PfCO eCourse material is made of comprehensive written information and packed with interactive content, videos and activities to test student’s knowledge along the way. Built for both visual, aural and verbal learners, the Online PfCO makes learning easy, quick and enjoyable.

Additionally, the Online PfCO includes the student’s Theory Examination, Practical Flight Assessment, Operations Manual Template, Guidance & Review, plus ongoing support from experienced trainers for the duration of the course and beyond:

  • Interactive eLearning Modules
  • Written Theory Examination
  • Practical Flight Assessment
  • Operations Manual: Template, Guidance & Review
  • Award of Certification upon passing the course
  • Support from a dedicated Instructor
  • Lifetime Support from Industry Experts

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Course 2: Drone Surveying

The Drone Surveying eLearning Course is designed for commercial drone pilots and those interested in surveying, who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of drone surveying, aerial mapping and digital photogrammetry.

Our Drone Surveying course is the UK’s first and only online drone survey training created by a certified NQE drone training provider.

Whether you’re an experienced commercial drone pilot, a professional surveyor, or simply want to enhance your career by gaining specialist skills, the Drone Surveying certificated eLearning solution will expand your knowledge and boost your employability.

From digital photogrammetry to aerial data capture, processing, extraction and accuracy, the Drone Surveying eCourse will help you confidently plan and perform efficient drone surveys. You’ll formulate a strong understanding around the core functions within photogrammetry software, gaining the ability to produce 2D maps and 3D models from valuable data sets.

The online course is designed by industry experts who have a proven track record in producing high value survey grade data using drones. The course is built on years of proven commercial experience and will provide students with the foundation knowledge to start producing accurate drone mapping and survey outputs. The course is not a “how to guide” for any particular photogrammetry software package – but instead explains the key workflows behind any drone photogrammetry project using examples from the main software packages.

Structured across 13 modules, the course syllabus is delivered by our web-based Learning Management System that tracks student’s progress through each module. The course platform is accessible on multiple devices including tablet, Apple Mac and PC. The course contains over 120 videos, plus text and interactive content, and is approximately 10 hours work. A certificate is issued on completion.

The Drone Surveying eCourse Includes:

  • Interactive eLearning Modules
  • Introduction to Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetry
  • Data Capture, Processing, Extraction and Accuracy
  • Different Mapping Software and Drone Equipment compared and explained
  • Practical Survey Demonstrations
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Support from Industry Experts

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Whether you’re busy with work, family or life in general, not everybody is able to attend an in-person training course. That’s why we’ve created the perfect online learning solution, so your drone PfCO and drone mapping training can seamlessly slot into your schedule.

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