Fast Track PFCO Course

3 day drone training course

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  • 3 days
  • No prior experience required
  • Max 12 people per course

Fast Track Course

The Fast Track course leads to our recommendation to the CAA for granting the applicant a Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO). This allows you to do commercial work with drones. This is a high quality “essentials course” taught by experts. The course leads to full CAA qualification. The course does include the option of a third day flight test, providing certain criteria is met.

Ground School

Our 2-day ground course can be followed by your Flight Test on the 3rd day (weather dependant) as long as the individual feels they are ready and will be able to pass with confidence. If this is not suitable, your test can be scheduled for a later date. If the flight test is failed the student will incur a retest fee.

If you wish to complete the course in three days, with a flight test on the third day, you will need the following completed before the flight test:

  • 5-10 hours flying time.
  • Commercial drone insurance (at the time of the flight test)
  • A completed operations manual Part 1 section 4 (operating procedures) which we provide
  • Acceptable weather on the day of the flight test
  • Spaces can be limited so please book as soon as you are ready to flight test.

All course days run from 08:30 to 17:00, please allow plenty of time for traffic.

Finally, you will need to complete your Operations Manual Vol 1 & 2. This is something you complete in your own time with our template and guidance. Once this final section is complete, we can then submit your PfCO application to the CAA.

Ground School (Day 1)

Day 1 of the Uplift Drone Training theory course will cover the following subjects that meet and exceed the CAA recommended syllabus.

  • Air law
  • Maps and charts
  • Airspace
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft

Ground School (Day 2)

Day 2 introduces exciting new subjects that will expand your knowledge of Drone operations and prove invaluable in your career.

  • Airmanship
  • Human Factors
  • Operating Procedures
  • Ops Manual
  • Pricing Jobs
  • Revision
  • Test
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