Annual Review Service

(Standard) Permission for Commercial Operations

  • 10 days
  • Current Permission Holder

Annual Review Service for Standard PfCO Renewal

When the time comes to renew your CAA PfCO, the task of updating your ops manual and organising your supporting documents can feel a tad intimidating. If you feel as though you’d benefit from assistance from a leading NQE training provider, then Uplift Drones’ Annual Review Service is the solution for you.

Permissions are valid for up to 12 months and are subject to an annual renewal by the CAA.  They can be extended for further periods (renewed) during the validity period. When making an application, the meaning of the term ‘renewal’ on the application form is as follows:

‘Renewal’ means an application to extend the validity of an existing Permission, Exemption or other operational authorisation, where there is no change being requested for the class of UAS being used, the operational conditions, or the terms of the current approval. – UK CAA

You can apply for your renewal up to 90 days prior to expiry without loss of validity of the original date.

Who is the Annual Review Service for?

This service is for any current PfCO holder who is looking for some detailed assistance from the UK’s leading NQE in preparation for the CAA PfCO Renewal. Whether you’re an existing Uplift Remote Pilot or you trained with another NQE, this service will help you get the results you want.

Please be aware that this process can be completed by the operator, without assistance from their NQE. However, if this is simply not possible or if the operator prefers for their renewal application to be subject to a thorough review prior to submitting it to the CAA, we offer our paid renewal service to increase the likelihood of first-time approval.

What will I receive?

With access to the latest Ops Manual templates, the Annual Review Service provides expert guidance to give your PfCO Renewal Application the best chance of approval from the CAA. You will also receive telephone and email support, plus you can easily access our training team via the online chat system.

Once you have updated your ops manual to reflect the CAA’s requirements and latest regulation changes, you can submit your OSC document to our training team for an in-depth review. You will need to provide us with the following documents:

  1. Updated Operations Manual
  2. Updated Flight Logs

Your Operations Manual must include a photograph of your aircraft(s) and be current against the latest Air Navigation Order. Additional guidance can be found here.

How to Apply

Once your updated Operations Manual has been signed off by our training team, your PfCO renewal application can be made directly via the CAA’s online application system for Standard Permissions to operate unmanned aircraft systems:


The CAA’s renewal application fee is not included in this service. Please check the CAA Scheme of Charges (General Aviation) for confirmation of this cost.

Our Guarantee

Did you know, the CAA now charge an application rejection fee of £124.00, with one of the most common reasons for rejection being ops manuals that do not meet the required standard.

We are so confident that our Annual Review Service will lead to your application renewal being approved first time, that we will refund you £124.00 to cover the CAA fee should your application be rejected due to any errors relating to your operations manual, following our comprehensive review. Terms and Conditions apply.

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