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Short Training Course for Licenced Pilots

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  • Prior experience required by the CAA
  • Max 12 people per course

Abbreviated PfCO Course

If you have a manned pilots licence or other qualification acceptable to the CAA (proof required) an abbreviated course is available. If you do have relevant experience as detailed by the UK CAA, you are exempt from the ground school component of our PfCO training courses. Students are required to submit an ops manual, perform a theory test and complete a flight test.

Qualifications accepted by the CAA include but are not limited to*:

  • Current EASA Fixed-Wing, Helicopter or Microlight Licence.
  • Current UK National Fixed-Wing, Helicopter or Microlight Licence.
  • UK Military Pilot / Remote Pilot or RPAS Operator Qualification (applicable where basic flight training has been carried out in non-segregated UK airspace). RAF VGS Instructor qualifications commencing at G1 Instructor level are also acceptable.
  • British Gliding Association (BGA) – Bronze ‘C’ and above (or EASA equivalent).
  • BMFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ Certificates.

Non-UK SUA/RPAS qualification/licence and/or other lapsed pilot licences or certificates are subject to a case-by-case UK CAA assessment.

*Please note the above examples can be used as a guide only, however the full range of available concessions is set out in more detail in CAP722.

Theory Test

Your theory test takes place in the afternoon of the ground school. You are exempt from attending the full day and only need to complete the theory test itself (total 1.5 hours).

Flight Test

Your flight test is conducted on a separate date when you are ready and able to pass with confidence. If the flight test is failed the student will incur a retest fee.

Operations Manual

Finally, you will need to complete your Operations Manual Vol 1 & 2. This is something you complete in your own time with our template via E-Learning. Once this final section is complete, students on this course are expected to submit their own paperwork to the CAA – this allows us to offer this course at a very low price.

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